Welcome to the Sargentville Library Association’s Historical Archive

We hope you enjoy browsing through the contents in search of your ancestors, for research reasons,
or just to better understand and appreciate the Village of Sargentville and the Town of Sedgwick.

Historic Sargentville Archive Photos

Over the years the library in Sargentville, a village within the town of Sedgwick, became the repository for a variety of documents, photos and ephemera that reflected the people, life and times of our community.  The value of these was not so much financial as historical, educational and a way to connect with those whose lives were integral parts of the fabric of the town.

By digitizing these and other donated materials, the Library was able to share documents and photos that sometimes were quite rare or fragile.  Once the digital framework was in place the Archive grew as the result of the collaboration and generous contributions of many individuals who recognized the important role history can play in understanding the present and influencing the future.  Their help was, and is, invaluable.

A portion of the first goal in the 1875 Constitution of the Sargentville Sewing Circle and Library Association was “to establish and sustain a useful, instructive and entertaining collection of books and magazines for circulation amongst its members…” We believe that this digital collection is in keeping with the Library Founders’ vision.

Sargentville Library Association Board of Directors