Acknowledgements and Special Thanks

The Sargentville Library Historical Archive would not be the resource it has become were it not for the help of many people, especially Gary Welland and Kathleen Hickman of San Jose, California who created the original digital program and Teena Brown of Webworks DownEast who brought the web page to life.

The Sargentville Library Association Board of Trustees was from the start, supportive of the archive project and their encouragement has paved the way for this significant and unique collection.

Sylvia Wardwell, Diana Wood, Fred Marston and Barbara M. Grindle generously shared their time, memories and materials as did Virginia Simmons, Robert and Rada Starkey, Ed Chapin, Rebecca Wanbaugh, Annie Conaway, Carol Graves, Diane and Eric Kornmeier, David and Jan Anderson, Catherine McNeal Larson, Kay Grover, Rebecca Peck Peterson, Carolyn Clapp, Susan Webb, David and Rozella Webb, Steven Maresca, Roger Leach, Saralyn Byard, Nancy and Bob Hitchcock, Evan, David and Gary Elsenbroich, Donald Means, Dr. Charles Andrew St. John Fritz, Bruce Grindal, Elizabeth Richardson, Janet Williams, Wesley Martin and Bob and Jane Sargent. Our thanks also go to those who supported our efforts by giving their consent for use of their historical materials.

David and Ellen Simmons were archive partners every step of the way and made many forays into snow-filled cemeteries, soggy fields, deep brush and other unnavigable sites to get photos and information about subjects as diverse as old gravestones, remnants of long-forgotten ice works runways or what’s left of a two hundred year old mill race.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the contributions of those individuals who have passed from this life but left us with much of the material and the memories that make up the archive.  Perhaps more importantly, they instilled in many of us a love for the people, places and stories that are Sedgwick.

Pam Simmons
Archive Committee Chair
Sargentville, Maine
Redwood City, California