Government (GOV)

Sargentville Post Office was the small building on the right of Wyer Sargent’s store

Sargentville is a Village (GOV.3)

Describes origin of the Sargentville name and its relationship to the town of Sedgwick. Includes a description of the past and present boundaries of the village.

Overseers of the Poor (GOV.7)

Narrative about the care of the poor in Sedgwick beginning with laws passed in the 1800s. Role of the Town Selectmen over time.

Sargentville Library Deeds (GOV.17)

Deed, book 415/page 127, of property given by Hiram Harding to the Sargentville Library Association in 1904, field notes of John Eaton, and Deed 424/553 of property given by Ellen S. Merriman to the Library Association in 1965.

Sedgwick Cattle Pound (GOV.18)

A corral that was used to contain farm animals that had wandered away from their owners. It is still standing and is in the vicinity of the Sedgwick-Brooklin Historical Society.