Sedgwick History by Wesley A Bracy (GOV.20)

A document written by Wesley A Bracy describing the history of the town of Sedgwick

Sedgwick History

Compiled by Wesley A. Brace

Around 1957 Wesley Alton Bracy (1898-1975) compiled data related to the beginnings of Sedgwick, Maine and about Rev. Daniel Merrill, “the first settled minister of the town of Sedgwick”. Wesley wrote that his information sources were a memoir by Rev. Merrill’s grandson Rev. Samuel Pearce Merrill and a Historical Sketch of the Town of Sedgwick written by Rev. Arthur Warren Smith.

Wesley Bracy was born in Brookin, Maine, the son of Richard A. and Mary Eaton Bracy, and had one sibling, a sister named Florence M. Bracy. In 1922 Wesley married Elizabeth Carlton Husband (1898-1985). They had a son Wesley Alton Bracy (1924-1927) who died as a child and a daughter, Mary Susan Bracy (born 1927) who currently resides at Parker Ridge in Blue Hill, Maine. the Bracy line, through Elizabeth, goes back to the Sedgwick founding families of Daniel Merrill and David Carlton.

Wesley spent much of his life in Sedgwick though he raised his family in Brewer and Bangor where his varied skills with automobiles and antiques gave him the work he needed to support his family. When Wesley retired, he and his wife Elizabeth moved back to Sedgwick where he started a surveying business. His grandson, Wesley Martin (now residing in Sedgwick), remembers him as a patient and caring teacher and a jack of all trades. When survy work was slow he would work on documenting family history or transcribing old town records. The Eaton genealogy is on of those projects.

Wesley Martin
Sedgwick, Maine
September, 2020