Abel Sawyer’s Journal 1843-1846 (PEO.18)

Transcript of the journal of Abel Sawyer

Abel Sawyer’s daily journal 1843-1846

In 1839, at the age of 16, Abel Sawyer traveled from his home on Deer Isle to Sedgwick, Maine to learn the joiner’s trade (carpentry) with Deacon Samuel Billings.  His father David was also a carpenter so we can surmise that Abel already had some building skills and, perhaps, was ready to gain greater expertise by working with Samuel. Samuel died in 1840 but, undoubtedly, his son Calvin, also a house-joiner was a mentor and source of support to Abel.

Abel stayed in close touch with his family on Deer Isle and traveled there frequently to visit or to attend religious services.  He was very devout and, according to his personal journal, attended a service or religious meeting almost daily.  These same journals also reflect Abel as a hard-working man who was involved with many of the families in Sedgwick and Brooksville.

In 1846 at the age of 23, Abel bought about one half-an-acre from Wyer G. Sargent for 20 dollars and by 1847 had built his home.  On November 25th 1847 Abel married Martha Marks Brown (b.7 Dec. 1819, d. 15 Sept. 1904), and they moved into their new home.

Abel’s home, 631 Reach Road, is now the home of his descendants.

Abel’s home, 631 Reach Road, is now the home of his descendants.

Thus ends Abel Sawyer’s Journal for 1843-1846. The back cover and some pages are missing. This daily journal has been transcribed by Barbara M. Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen, Town of Sedgwick, August, 2008. No guarantees are made to the accurateness of the transcription, especially April 27, 1845 where he illustrated the Scriptures.  No effort has been made to spell, punctuate or capitalize as Abel did in his Journal. This transcription is part of the effort to make the Sargentville Library’s collection available to the public without damaging the original work.

Barbara M. Grindle