Hooper Genealogy by Sally Eugenia Brown (GEN.17)

Hooper family data written by Sally Eugenia Brown.

Hooper Genealogy by Sally Eugenia Brown

The original of this record of the Hooper family in Sedgwick, Maine was written by Sally Eugenia Brown, a well-liked woman from Atlanta, Georgia who had a summer home in Sargentville during the early 1900s. Some of the information was copied from the Town Records of Sedgwick, Maine but much of it must have come from Hooper family members living in Sedgwick. The original text is in the possession of Sylvia Wardwell.

The births of John Hooper’s children
John son to John Hooper and Azubah (Billings) his wife Born November 24th 1780 Drowned October 11th 1809.

Azubah was b. in Lincoln, Mass. 28 May 1761 died 1825 dau of John & Hannah (Farrar) Billings.  John Hooper, husband of Azubah probably is John Hooper Jr. born in 1761 and died 30 Dec 1836.  John & Azubah marr. Nov 1780.
(John Hooper Senior may have been on Deer Isle where he died in 15 Feb 1817)

William son to John Hooper and Azubah his wife born January 12th 1783 (md Lucretia Colson she died. Feb 26, 1856 ae 60 or 68? Yrs 10 mos 11 days)
Asa son to John Hooper and Azubah his wife born April 19th 1785 (md Abigail Howard) It is said that Mr Asa Hooper owned the first thrashing machine that ever came to Sedgwick.
David son to John Hooper and Azubah his wife born December 12th 1792 (md Hannah Flowers md 2nd __Gray.
Hannah daughter to John Hooper and Azubah his wife born February 17th 1795 (md William Herrick Res. Brooklin)
Isaac son to John Hooper and Azubah his wife born May 12th 1797 (md Louisa Billings res. Brooksville)
Samuel Jordan son to John Hooper and Azubah his wife born May 21st 1800 (Samuel Jordan Hooper md. Annie Howard she died 1881)
October 14th 1825 Mrs Azubah Hooper the wife of Mr. John Hooper departed this life. John Hooper d. 30 Dec 1836.

Children of Samuel Jordan & Annie (Howard) Hooper  (Annie was the daughter of Samuel Howard and Hannah Billings marr 1752 (Hannah was the daughter of John Billings and Hannah Farrar who were marr 1752)
Eben Currier Hooper b. 1826 d.1919 md Abigail Closson d. ae 62 yrs 1 mo 20d. dau. of Nathan & Mary (Abbott) Closson
John Hooper md Susan Mary Cousins dau of Joseph & Sallie (Sarah) (Gray) Cousins (Joseph Cousins (b 1796) died of heart trouble while fishing in the Bay of __. Body brought home. Joseph’s father was Thomas Cousins)
Albion Hooper md. Harriet Byard daug of Robert & Priscilla (Jordan) Byard
William Anson Hooper b. June 29 1837 md Susan Mary Eaton
Mary Ann Hooper md. John Byard son of Robert& Priscilla Jordan (Eaton) Byard
Angelia Hooper md. John Emerson son of Samuel Emerson
Two more children who died young.

Children of John and Susan Mary (Cousins) Hooper
Emory drowned at sea off of George’s Banks md. Eunice___ of Rochester/Gloucester, Mass & left one child Emory Hooper Jr.
Lewellyn md Abbie May Cousins. She died Aug 30 1926.
Joseph Alonzo b. 1857, md (Mar 25 1881) Bessie Maria Peasley (b 1862)
Roland (1863-23 Apr 1887) died when about 22 yrs of age never md
Lydia md Samuel Gray, son of Lemuel & ___Gray.

Children of Joseph Alonzo and Bessie Maria (Peasley) Hooper
All born in the same house in Sedgwick, Maine
Oscar John Hooper b. Sept 10, 1881 md. Blanche Billings dau of Frank and Elizabeth (Blake-who came from Ireland ) Billings
Oswald Leon Hooper b. June 30, 1884 md 1906 Mary Brown of Deer Isle dau of John Brown
Clysta Belle Hooper b. Aug 7 1887 md Myron Grindle
Marjorie Estella Hooper . b.Oct 22 1889 md Hugh Brown
Volusia Louisa Hooper b.Oct 11 1894 md. Dwight Brown
Hugh and Dwight were sons of Edward & Ethalinda (Bates) Brown who was the son of Edward & Pamela (Billings) Brown
Alice Geneva Hooper b.Sept 11, 1897 d. Nov 7, 1897
Irl Ralph Hooper b. Sept 13, 1889-1898

Children of Myron & Clysta Belle Hooper