Hutchinson-Eaton-St. John Fritz Home (HOM.28)

The story of the home built by John Hutchinson, one of the early Sedgwick settlers followed by notes on the genealogies of the families who lived in the home.

Hutchinson-Eaton-St. John Fritz home

The Hutchinson/Eaton house which is now owned by the Dr. Charles Andrew St. John Fritz family, is thought to have been built around 1766-1775 by John Hutchinson, one of the original Sedgwick settlers. 1 2

Hutchinson/Eaton house-St. John Fritz

Hutchinson/Eaton house-St. John Fritz

Joseph Eaton from Deer Isle bought the property, which was the 100 acre lot # 83 of the First Division, from John Hutchinson in 1794.3

The following information, which is thought to have been compiled by Marjorie Lalor, was collated and transcribed from documents in the possession of Dr. Charles Andrew St. John Fritz. 4

“A great grandson of Theophilus Eaton (born 1720-1763) of Deer Isle, Joseph Eaton was born in 1767 on Deer Isle and died in Sedgwick 1827. He married Martha (Patty) Morgan on Sept. 6th 1804 and came to Sargentville to live in a house probably built by John Hutchinson around 1775-1794. Their son Joseph who was born in the home August 26th 1805, married Hannah Roberts, and inherited it at his father’s death in 1827.  Additions and changes were made by father and son.

Elizabeth Eaton was born in her grandfather’s house in 1846 and was given the house by her father.  She lived in it with her husband, Herbert Dority until her death in 1896 or 1897. Their son, Harry Dority died before his father.

Herbert Dority later married Anginette Spooner who outlived him and at her death in 1934 the house was bequeathed to her nieces and nephews from whom I bought it in 1936.”

The house in 2022

Additional notes from research done by Marjorie Lalor

Children of Joseph 1767-1827) and Martha (Patty) Morgan Eaton were:
Joseph Jr. (born August 26,1805)
Lois (born March 31, 1807)
Betsy (born Oct 25, 1808)
Daniel (born July 30, 1810)
Martha (born Dec 4, 1812)
John (born Jan 31, 1815)
Harriet (born Sept 5, 1817)
Lydia (born Jan 7, 1820)
Mrs. Patty Eaton departed this life September 29, 1825.5

Children of Joseph (1805-1874) and Hannah Roberts (1819-  ) were
Ella G. Eaton (1830-  )
Emily B. Eaton (1844-  )
Eliza (Elizabeth) S. Eaton (1846-  )
Martha S. Eaton (1856-  )

Abstract of title to land of Miss Lida Harkness situated in Sargentville, Town of Sedgwick, Hancock County, Maine

Vol. 102, page 242 Quit claim deed:

Sept. 12, 1837  Daniel Eaton, Betsey Eaton, John Eaton, Lois Eaton, Hezekiah Dodge, Betsey Dodge 2nd, Wyer G. Sargent, Martha Eaton Sargent, Harriet Eaton, Lydia D. Eaton, all of Sedgwick convey to Joseph Eaton of said Sedgwick, all the rights, title and interest which they have in and to the following lots in Sedgwick.

“Lydia Eaton signs as Lydia E. Byard after her marriage to Robert Byard 2nd”. Miss Harkness’ note”.

Vol 128, page 475 Warranty deed Dower released. May 1867. Recorded June 19, 1867.

Joseph Eaton to Lucius B. Dority and Herbert S. –half each of 40 acres another tract on Gray’s Pond, tract at Lazy Corners so called.

Vol. 128, page 476 Warranty Deed Recorded June 19, 1867

Lot at corner of road leading to Deer Isle Ferry extending road to shore with buildings.  Also tract on north side of highway “said tracts comprising homestead farm on which Joseph D. Eaton now lives.”

Vol.128, page 477, Mortgage $2500, Dower released. May 12, 1867 Recorded June 19

Lucius B. and Herbert S. Dority of Sedgwick convey to Joseph Eaton “all and severally the tracts of land conveyed to us by said Joseph D. Eaton by his May 20, 1867.

(L.H. 6 “H.S. Dority has lived on property continuously since 1866 making title indisputable”)  This mortgage secures fulfillment of a bond from said Dority to said Eaton to maintain Joseph Eaton and Hannah, his wife.  Said bond not recorded in this Registry.

Vol 158, page 139 Quit claim, Dower not released Mar 15 1877, Recorded Mar 18,1877

Vol 374 page 99 Warranty deed Dower released May 30, 1882, Recorded Jan 24, 1902

Emily V. Osgood to H.S. Dority

See Vol 161 page 313 

Memo, probably written by Marjorie Lalor

Mortgage described in item 4 (Vol 128, page 477) of this abstract was given to secure bond for maintenance.  There is no record of any discharge of this mortgage but if conditions of bond were fulfilled, the mortgage would naturally expire at death of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eaton.  This cannot be proved by our records.

Bond was seen by L.H. in possession of H.S. Dority showing the condition had been fulfilled-Aug. 31, 1908. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eaton are both dead.  L.H.

We find no conveyance to Emily V. Osgood and conclude that she and Emily V. Dority must be one and the same person. The Supreme Court records show no record of her marriage to Osgood.

Robert Dority conveys in item 11 as an heir of Lucius B. Dority but we have no means of establishing who Lucius B. Dority’s heirs were.  We find no further conveyance of this lot.

Emily V. Dority, widow of Lucius Dority (lost at sea) married George S. Osgood.

Robert Dority, father of Lucius B. was only heir of Lucius as the latter left no children.  His wife had her 3rd interest.

Statements made by Herbert S. Dority August 31st, 1908.


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2 Sedgwick 1989 Bicentennial Committee, Life and Times in a Coastal Village, pages 8, 10.

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4 Some minor edits have been made.

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6 L.H. indicates handwritten notation by Lida Harkness on Marjorie Lalor’s copy of the deed