John R. Cooper (PEO.12)

Photos and text about John R. Cooper as remembered by Sylvia Conner Wardwell

John R. Cooper

John R. Cooper (1901-1947). This photo is dated 1916.

John R. Cooper (1901-1947). This photo is dated 1916.

Memories of John and his family provided by Sylvia Wardwell, January 2014.

John (Johnny) R. Cooper, the son of Clinton Charles (born 1873) and Annie M. Closson Cooper (born 1879), and his wife Maenice S. Grant (born c. 1904) were married 19 Dec 1926 and had a son they named Charles. They lived at the foot of Caterpillar Hill on the Cooper Farm that burned down about 20 years ago. I don’t remember John well but the family and others often spoke of him.

John’s father Clinton had a brother named Otis (possibly Ira Otis) who had two children, Everett and Sarah. Everett lived in a house that he built on my grandfather’s land up by the chapel. The house has now fallen down.

John and many of the family lived their entire lives in this area and are buried in the Forest Home Cemetery.