Isadora (Dora) Amelia Sawyer Currier’s Journals 1914-1919 (PEO.27A)

Transcription of the 1914 to1919 portion of the daily journals of Dora Currier

Journals of Isadora “Dora” Amelia Sawyer Currier

This is a transcript of the 1914 to 1919 journals of Isadora “Dora” Amelia Sawyer Currier who was born in Sedgwick Nov. 13, 1850 and died there Jan. 21, 1942.   The only daughter of Abel and Martha Marks Brown Sawyer, her father died of tuberculosis at the age of thirty.  Dora married G. Richard Currier Nov. 25, 1880 and they had one child, Martha Maria Currier who later married William Simmons. Richard died Jan. 27, 1885 of tuberculosis, a disease that at the time, was incurable.

Dora and Richard Currier at the time of their wedding.

Dora and Richard Currier at the time of their wedding.

May 11 Left home for Portland. Arrived at 5pm.
12 Saw Dr Moulton and he thinks I can have my glasses in a few days.
13 Snow here this morning.
14 Aunt Dora in Portland at 208 Franklin Street.
15 I got my eye glasses today and came back to Sadie’s tonight.
16 Rode to Richville in the cars this morning team to East Sebago spent the day at Geo’s camp “The Shack” near the shore of the lake
17  Rode to Portland with Geo and Sadie in the auto fine ride
18 Monday Home tonight and somewhat tired from my long ride in the car and by boat from Belfast.
19 Mrs Babson Eva Herbert Mrs Gower and Grover Eaton have been here today Martha is going to church I have a bad cold.
20 Had the doctor come up he gave me some medicine and said be careful or you will be sick.
21 I am feeling some better today.
22 Sewed some today and went up on the ledges  The hobblebush is in full bloom
23 Doctor called and said be careful not to get the second cold-Vesta came in for the evening over cemetery meeting. 4.75 in the treasury
24 At home Shall not go to Sunday School
25 At home all day feeling some better.  Herbert planted the corn in our garden today and I planted a few pumpkin seeds.
26 Lydia and Ella spent the evening here. I had letters from Edie, Mrs Sweet, and Sadie Lawton tonight.
27 At home. Planted some cucumber seeds in my garden.
28 Thursday I washed today.  Miss Webb and her sister called.
29 Sitting by the fire tonight. Set out tomato plants today. Mrs Sweet came this morning. Peas up.
30 Memorial Day with a little rain.  Not feeling very well.
1 June 1914 We washed a little today and used all the water we had, well about dry.
2 Planted five bu’lls of potatoes in the “Timberlost”.
3 Cleaned the library today found one potato plant up in the upper garden. Ground very dry.
4 A hard rain storm all day
5 Herbert and Geo Higgins planted our little garden today.
6 My old head feels bad and as does my throat  a very pleasant day.
7 At Sunday School today  4 pupils
8 We cleaned the sitting room today.
9 Quite cold today and a heavy frost last night.  We had a large wash today.
10 Library Annual meeting this pm
11 I rode up to Herrick’s with Miss Coombs and Aunt Fannie and Hattie Cole had a delightful call.  Will home for the night. Yacht Actus lying in the cove.
12 Worked a little out of doors and Martha and I went down to Aunt Seds at night. Called at Aunt Fannie’s and at Constance’s
13 Martha at the library. We need rain very much.
14 At Sunday School
15 Martha cut my dress that Mrs Sweet brot me. Lizzie Billings Vera Harding and Miss Harkness Jennie, Beth and Miss Ashbury called today.
16 A little shower this morning and quite a rain storm thru the day. Hard on our beans but nice on the upper garden.
17 We set out tomato plants today. Mrs B and Eva called.
18 Herbert hoed the upper garden today and we washed our clothes
19 We went up to the school house to the graduation. All very fine the children did well and looked pretty in their white dresses and gay sashes.
20 Martha at the library this pm.  I picked my fleece of wool and we took a little walk up to the upper garden.  Very cold weather for this time of year.
21 We were at Sunday School today
22 We did a little washing and sewed some.
23 Martha cut her dress today and I did the housework and sewed a little. Caller tonight, Frances Parker Beth and Miss Harkness.
24 We put brush for the peas to climb and we raked up our hay.
25 Quite a thunder shower this morning. John Cousins’ house struck by lightning.
26 Martha went to Seal Harbor today and I am all alone tonight
27 I have been at the Library and Herbert painted my floors this am. A card from Martha she got there alright I wrote her a letter today
28 At Sunday School
29 Another thunder shower this morning and Mr White’s house struck by lightning and badly damaged I hear.
30 Rain all day I have changed my clothes a good many times-get so wet looking after the hens, chickens, ducks and pig.
July 1, 1914 At the library this evening home now 9:30 pm and going to bed.
2 Letter and card from Martha Still another rainy day. Addie Wood, Flora Bowden Herbert-Mrs Foster and her two nieces have all been in today.
3 Rainy this morning but cleared off in the afternoon. I have been to the library this pm instead of tomorrow.
4 I had dinner at Hattie Nevell’s Jennie Parker was up tonight and showed me her engagement ring.
5 At Sunday School
6 Martha came tonight from Seal Harbor
7 I led the CE meeting tonight  a very damp, cloudy evening with no prospect for clearing
8 Zoe came today we met her at West Brooksville.  I had the library tonight
9 We all Martha Zoe and I had dinner at Charles’ today  Called at Aunt Sed’s and at Aunt Fran’s  Zoe went back to Castine this pm.
10 Cloudy and uncomfortable

Capt Edward Byard died Wednesday the 8th

11 I went to the library for 3 hours. Herbert hoed the upper garden  it looks nice.
13 We washed and then weeded the garden and put pyrox on the potatoes.  Mrs Sweet and Mrs Swift came in and we finished the hats for the library sale.
14 We have sewed some and got the ironing and some cooking done. They moved Marietta’s house today
15 At the library this evening
16 The usual tasks
17 Worked some out of doors. Raked up the hay around the back yard
18  At the library this afternoon.
19 Sunday school and church this evening. Dr Davies
20 We washed a few things. The well down cellar is dry and we get our drinking and cooking water from the ledge spring.
21 Sewed some and did other little chores
22 At the library this evening from 6-9
23 Spinning some yarn for Martha for Christmas stockings
24 We are getting some blueberries from our own land  Martha picks them all I am too lazy
25 At the library this afternoon.  Martha picked 2 pounds of raspberries yesterday and we preserved them
26 Not very well today
27 I am feeling better today I went up with Martha and we picked raspberries for a jar on our own land
28 Winslow S Anderson 16 years old today.  Sent Winslow a card today.
29 Picked some raspberries today also blueberries and did a small washing finished Mrs Wesson’s rug-glad to get it done. At the library this evening home quite tired
30 Martha and I went berrying and preserved what we got
31 Not much doing
August 1, 1914 Library this afternoon
2 Sunday school
3 Picked some blueberries on our own place
4 We have done some finishing of different things
5 Library this evening
6 Martha cut my black and white cloth dress We had only about 3 yards to make it. The styles favor small quantities
7 We picked raspberries 7 pounds on our own land
8 Library this afternoon  Very foggy weather
9 Sunday school
10 Martha went over to Mrs Babsons to sew on her new dress and I did the work at home.
11 I went up to the library to help some about getting ready for the fair tomorrow. Lots of pretty things there but hard weather.
12 Fair and bright. At the library tonight Martha and “Labe” came up to see me.  The girls stayed and sold what they could of the things left from the fair—did well.
13 We went down to the orchard and we find that there are going to be pretty good apples in our trees. We also bot some things at Mr Grant’s- food is rising in price.
14 Foggy again. Our garden is dying for want of water. It will be too late to do much now if rain should come.
15 At the library this afternoon very few in.  We picked about our last raspberries tonight may get a few more- also we picked a quart of blueberries
16 Sunday school
17 We caught a little water during the shower of Friday night and have washed a few things today.
18 Worked a little on my rug
19 At the library tonight sold some of the things that were left from the fair
20 Picked some raspberries today it is about the last of them
21 A NE rain storm but it comes too late to help our garden tho it will fill our barrels
22 Library this afternoon Beth and Constance both came for a short call, at the house
23 Sunday school
24 Washed a few things and did some sewing for Martha
25  Herbert tried to locate a place for a well for us tonight. Pretty hard outlook.
26 Think we should find water on our road. Herbert dug a small place there today.
27 Herbert and Frank Billings dug a part of a day find some water but they can’t get it yet. Not as much as we need.
28 Nothing doing on well
29 A hard rain storm No well work today.
31 They worked a while bailing water from the well and dug down deeper.
Sept 1, 1914 Martha and I had a picnic all by ourselves up in the “Timberlost” today.
2 At the library today
3 All about as usual, we dug a peck of potatoes small but ripe and good. Still water in our hole in the ground
4 We gave Jennie Parker a kitchen shower tonight I went alone and didn’t stay long.
5 At the library this afternoon. Only two in Mrs Davies and Philip Sargent. Both returned books
7 Did a little washing
8 A Sunday school convention is coming here. It was scheduled for Bucksport but on account of Mr Spofford’s death it is here.
9 Went to the Chapel last night. The people of the convention did not arrive until 9 o”clock and are entertained by the people here tonight.
10 Fred wanted me to give a little talk on our Keystone lessons at the convention today and I did the best I could.
11 Quite warm weather.
12 At the library this afternoon.
14 Washed a few things today
15 Cooked a little today
16 Will came home today and had a sore throat
17 A very hot day some say the hottest of this season
18 Went to the village with Nellie Sargent, a missionary meeting and a good one too. Subject, Burmah. Saw the new high school building.
19 At the library.  Edie Allen Laton is home with the baby-he is 14 months old.
21 Still pleasant weather but very dry-at work today on our well. Will gone on the Pemaquid for the day.
22 They worked on the well some today. Roy Chatto helped him some yesterday and they think it’s deep enough.
23  Today Grover Eaton has worked here today stoning the well and Geo. Higgins has hauled the stone with his oxen.  Library tonight
24 Almost a rain and we need it for the ground is very dry.  I bot an acre of land of Lydia Gower today.
25 I felt quite tired today from my walking up in the pasture today.
26 Martha and I have been up to see the lines of our “new possessions” acre this forenoon. Library in pm
27 Martha sick. Harriet Cole is with her. Martha sick, I did not go to Sunday school.
28  Martha sick all day.  Baby Martha (Aunt Patty) born at 6 o’clock tonight, a nice dear little child.  All are doing well and I am thankful.
30 On coming from the library tonight I found that Harriet has telephoned for the doctor for Martha is not getting along well
October 1, 1914  Victa (?) helped me about the washing. Martha has a fever.
 2 Friday-the doctor comes every day.
3 At the library for the afternoon
5 They cleaned the well today.
6  Martha’s fever continues but seems to be lessening.
7  I had the first drink from the new well.
8 Aunt Sed came in for a few minutes and to see the baby.
9 Annie Anderson 47 years old today and I am sending her a card.
10 At the library
11 Sunday-at home
12 Washed some today-very dry weather
13 No rain and water scarce
14 A pleasant day and no sign of rain yet.  Jennie Parker and Royal Grant married today.
15 Beautiful October weather and the leaves are turning to the most beautiful colors
16 Signs of rain in the sky
17 At the library this pm and it had rained all day barrels full of water.
18 At home-could not go to Sunday school
19 Washed some today
20 Little Martha kind of ailing
21 Poor little baby had a hard day
22 Martha moved downstairs and I think will be a little better
23 Harriet went home today –not much time to write
24 At the library covered and arranged some books
25 At Sunday school this pm
26 Did a small washing but could not put out the clothes for it rains
27 Put out and dried the clothes
28  Irving Nevells and Herbert are helping Will on the ditch for the water pipe.
29 Aunt Sed came up for a while, is coming today and all the pm tomorrow. Will lost $4.00 last night.  Water running in the house today.
30 Pleasant day. Martha found Will’s money in the coal hod.
31 At the library lots of new books from the Knapps and the Latimers.
2  Nov They are working at covering the pipe.  We have water in the sink
3 Still covering the pipe. I got dinner for them. Archie Byard is here with his horses hauling earth to cover the pipe.
4 Mrs Lafton (?) and her sister and little girl Mrs Joice Mrs Spinney Mildred and Aunt Fannie have all been here today.
5 Archie finished hauling the earth for the pipe today. Now if we can keep it from freezing this winter we shall be provided for water.
6 Mrs Bowden Mrs Inez Grindal, Fausta Dodge Mrs White and Mrs Spinney have called today. I went over to Mrs Babson’s this evening.
7 At the library, have arranged some of the new books. Guy, Eva, Mrs Eva Grindal, Miss Harkness and Mrs PB Billings called here today
9 Did a little washing
10 Not much accomplished
11 I knit some on Mr B’s gloves
12 All about as usual not much doing
13 My birthday and Martha gave me a pair of towels.  Great storm of thunder, lightening and wind.
14 At the library this pm. Constance came up and stayed till closing time. I worked all afternoon on the new books.
16 The Sweet’s left for Newton Thursday of last week and we have “Teddy” the cat.
17 At home all day we all have some colds. I am making a motto “give thanks” for the Chapel for the Thanksgiving service Sunday evening.
18 A cold stormy day. Snow and rain Rose Henderson called Will got a fine load of sawdust for the banking. We are getting quite fixed for the winter.
19 Cold storm of snow and rain last night and this morning. Cold and windy tonight.
20 Storm this morning and quite windy tonight—Just heard from Mrs Babson she is in Castine and has had a surgical operation. Is coming out of the ether all night.
21 At the library this pm. Catalogued some books. Constance came in. They start for N.C. Monday morning. Very bad walking. Snow not all gone.
22 Sick of a cold
23 Some better we are trying to wash and have a lot of it to do
24 Beautiful weather
25 All about as usual
26 Raymond Grant and Grace Friend married today.
28 At the library Mildred came in and helped me some in catalouging the new books
29 At Sunday school and church
30 monday We did not wash today
2 Dec/1914 Will went fishing got a nice codfish, big one and one small one
3 Will and Martha went up in the pasture and got a rabbit. I shall cook him for a mince pie or two.
4 I cut a part of a path thru from our oak to the spruces that are on the new land I bot from Lydia this fall. Wrote to Mrs B. and Lydia and Lottie today.
5 Sat At the library worked on books
15 They killed our pig today weighed 275 pounds sold 1 dozen eggs for 42cents.
16 Sold a chicken today for 1.50 and a dozen eggs for 44 cents
17 Aunt Sed and Aunt Fannie came up today and Aunt Sed brot me a pair of shoes-good warm ones
18 I went down to the store and bot a few little things for Christmas, not much.
19 At the library this pm a hard rain storm when I came home.
20 Sunday school and missionary meeting
22 Cold  Mrs Babson came home today
23 Walter and Josephine married last night or yesterday
24 Cold weather
25 Christmas and we had a “tree” and presents on it.  We had Gabe the goose for dinner.
26 Still very cold. I went to the library
28 Captain Spinney died this morning
29 I am preparing to go down to Aunt Sed’s but the weather is bad today. Shall try tomorrow
30 At Aunt Sed’s tonight came down on the stage this am.  Susie and Judith Cole have been here all day.
31 Spent a pleasant day. Sadie and Aunt Fannie have been up all day.
Fri 1/1/15 Came home today found all well. Fannie had a word from Annie she says her mother has fallen and broken her hip.
2 At the library a few in.
4 Home all day
5 Went down to the village and had my teeth (seven) out. Floss brot me home.
6 Feel kind of blue today and sick too my head and jaw both ache
7 My jaw still aching
8 Martha and Will went down to the orchard and cut off the brown tails
9 At the library
11 Went down to the doctors today to see if he could do anything for my aching jaw. He took out some pieces of the process and also one lower tooth so I have had 8 out.
12 I am feeling some better today, tho my jaw is still painful. It is snowing quite hard.
13 Stormy this forenoon and quite a strong NE wind. Finished my waist and knit some. Also read some in “Plunderer” a book by Roy Norton-good one I guess.
14 All about as usual. Finished the little mittens for Floss’ children. Shall send them down
15 Not feeling well tonight
16 At the library few in
18 A very foggy drizzly day
19 fog fog and rain
20 Pleasanter
21 Fine day but cold
22 Colder than yesterday Will gone for flounder
23 A thick snow storm which will be good on our underground pipe.
25 Snowstorm
26 I thot I would go down to Aunt Fannie’s today but I have a cold and do not feel able.  Chapel Circle have a supper tomorrow
27 Snow storm tonight not very severe, but hard working
28 I am still nursing my cold
29 Feel a little better today
30 Will made a good fire at the library and I went up for the afternoon
1 Martha and Will gone to Sunday school and church. I am not very well but can take care of the baby.
2 Tremendously cold day water pipe froze last night. Will is changing them to run thro the kitchen hoping to keep it from freezing again. Snowed some today-cold and dark, no sunshine
3 Cold day
4 Not quite so cold
5 The ice is making fast in the reach and if it continues cold we shall have a bridge across
6 Will went to the library for me this afternoon. It is very bad walking and he said I should get my feet wet.
8 The ice is going out of the reach
9 Went to C.E. meeting this evening
10 Came down to Aunt Fannie’s today-shall stay till Friday.
12 Came home this am-had a fine visit.
13 At the library
17 The contest in the Sunday school resulted in the men giving the women a fine entertainment with a bountiful supper tonight at the Chapel.
20 At the library, beautiful day
22 Came down to Aunt Sed’s today and shall stay with her tonight
23 Sed came home with me this afternoon and will stay with me all night.
24 Sed went home this pm it is some rainy tonight
25 Rain all day
26 Wet uncomfortable day
27 A stormy day I have been in the library. I hear that Mrs Fox has left town.
28 Hiram Harding died this morning there will be no Sunday school
3/1/15 Washed a few things for myself and the baby.  Went over to Mrs Babson’s a little while this pm
2 Nothing special.  Mrs Spinney called this afternoon also Susie Cole was here this forenoon
4 Mrs Babson has spent the day here
6 Beautiful day and I have been at the library
7 I am sick of a bad cold
9 My cold is some better
10 Martha is not very well has strained her side in some way
11 Will worked at the ice plant all night and is sleeping today. I feel too lazy to do anything.
12 Work closed at the ice works a slight snowstorm this morning
13 At the library today
15 At home all day. They started a grass fire this pm which got quite a headway before they could put it out. It was below Mr Grover Eaton’s place
16 A little snow fell last night. Martha and Will had a little fire of brush up in the “clothes yard” tonight.
17 Clara Simmons and Charles have spent the day here today. We have just heard of Miss Holden Aunt Lizzie’s death
18 Beautiful day. I have been up in my spruce grove twice today. The view from there is fine.
20 At the library Will has begun scraping the floor to get it ready to varnish.
22 Hattie Nevells visited us today
27 Cold and very windy today not able to open the library on account of the floor . Will put the first coat of varnish on yesterday.
29 A cold day and at night a  of snow. Will finished the library floor and painted the steps.
30 Cold day. They washed this morning and I looked after the baby. Mary Milliken called.
31 Nice day.
4/1 Just heard that Austin Dority died today.
2 Fine day. Will and Martha had fires in the pasture lot today.
3 From Will Simmons—Burned for blueberries this am. Wind NE blowing a gale. Started to snow this pm. With strong NE wind Library open this pm.
4 Austin Dority buried today. Snowed about 6 inches. Wind stil NE
8 Mr McDonald of Yacht Sunbeam-(Coast Missionary) is to hold a series of meetings here; commencing tonight.
9 This evening Martha and Will have gone to meeting, and I am taking care of the baby. It has been a fine day.
10 At the library this pm. Martha and I went to the chapel this evening. Mr McDonald spoke and Mr Walker, who travels with him sung beautifully.
11 Sunday school and an address by Mr McDonald.
14 Went to see Alice Grindall. She has the measles.
19 Will left home today to join S Y Actus as Assistant Engineer.
20 Planted first radish seed. Crocus flowers in bloom this morning. Had our first dinner this season on the porch.
21 Planted lettuce in my box today.
22 Just heard of Mrs Snowman’s death.
23 Martha bot a little pig today.
24 At the library today
25 Sunday school. New minister was there for the first time.
26 Tried to do a little cleaning in the kitchen. Ernest Grindal picked the rocks off our garden.
27 Herbert and Ernest plowed the garden today.
28 Herbert and Martha planted peas and potatoes today in our garden. Coming on cold and stormy.
29 I went down to Aunt Fannies for a few hours today. Just heard that Henry Hooper committed suicide about two weeks ago.
30 Wet-cold storms today. I am trying to do a little house cleaning. Fire on the hearth tonight.
5/1 Still cold and stormy. At the library today a few in.
4 Had our first mess of dandelions. Martha went down to Aunt Fannies Cold and damp A letter from Will.
5 Cold and damp but not raining  hard on our upper garden
6 Bright beautiful day we are all glad to see the sun. Martha digging greens for winter salting.
7 Very fine day not quite as warm as yesterday. 7 young ducklings to put out this morning.
8 Cold and wet a rain storm this am. Pleasant afternoon. I am going up to the library
10 All about as usual. Find I have cracked the lens on my glasses. I am sorry.
12 Went down to Aunt Sed’s the doctor sent his auto for us and we had a fine ride around the Point-to see all the cottages.
19 This morning I went over to Mrs Sargent’s and got breakfast and the boy’s dinner ready for school. She is in Bangor and I shall get breakfast and supper for them while she is gone.
20 Mrs S came home tonight.
21 Martha took the baby in her new cart and we all went down to Aunt Sed’s to dinner. Home about 4pm.
22 Library
24 Beautiful day we did some washing.
25 Fine day. I went up on the Limberlost and it was nice. The cherry trees are all in bloom.
26 Rain and very heavy wind. Cold toward night.
27 Frost last night-killed early vegetables. Ice formed in the pig’s trough outside and the ground froze. Pulled our first lettuce. Small but sweet
31 Garden planted today, all beans. Cat catching all our chickens-lost 5 yesterday. Hon Ellery Bowden gave a fine address at the chapel.
6/1 More chickens gone. Shall try putting them up in the pasture.
2 Very heavy wind last night
3 Cats still catching chickens Don’t know what to do or how to save any of them.
5 At the library
7 Have let my room to Mr Kelly and wife. They came last night.
8 A little rain this morning and a light shower this afternoon. We set out 47 lettuce plants today
9 Annual meeting of Library Association. Eleven members and children present.
12 At the library
15 I went down to Aunt Fannie’s to get some milk for the jug.  Martha took the baby in her cart and came down to come up with me.
19 At the library
21 The Kelly’s who have had my upstairs room for two weeks left last night. Beautiful day. We have worked some out of our “camp” today.
22 Mr Scammon took my upstairs room today.
23 A beautiful day, and we have done a little more work on the camp. Will came home today for a days visit. Will go back Friday.
26 Sat Martha went to the library today and I rode with Addison down to the village and made some calls.
July 3,

Sat  1915

I went to the library this pm. Not many in. Quite a rain storm.
5 Mon Cold rain all day very uncomfortable. We thot of going up in the pasture for our dinner but of course we could not.
6 Today Philip invited me to ride to Ellsworth with him and his mother. We had a beautiful ride and I saw lots of fine things.
7 We went down to call on our friend Bess and Constance at home. It is a fine day but I think it looks like some rain.
8 Another rain storm all day. I have been over to Mrs Babson’s for a few minutes call. We had our first chard today from our own garden.
9 A most terrible storm of rain, wind, thunder and lightning all last night. Everything washed and broken about the garden. Roads in bad condition, bridges gone and can’t go on to the Point with teams. Mail held up at Sedgwick until some repairs could be made. Teams cross fields in places where road fenced out.
10 Martha at the library.
11 Sunday Beautiful day
13 We spent the day at the cabin “hide-away” very hot day. Found a few ripe blueberries.
14 Martha brot in a handful of blueberries this am
15 We all called at the Davies’ and also at the Lalor’s this pm. Nice calls.
16 Martha found a cupful of ripe raspberries today.
17 Sat I went up to the library this pm
20 Green peas for dinner
21 Our first carrots for dinner today.
22 Mrs Wesson called today
23 First new potatoes today, small but very nice
24 I went to the library pm
26 Beautiful day. Martha went raspberrying on our own lot. Did well and we have canned them for winter.
27 Scanlon rent due

Rain this am, beautiful this afternoon. We went down to Aunt Sed’s and on our way home we met Will. He has come home for a night. Goes back tomorrow.

28 Will missed the boat this am. And started by automobile for Seal Harbor this pm at 1 o’clock. He and Martha got beautiful pond lilies this forenoon.
29 Rained all last night and all today. We have had fire all day this afternoon and evening on the hearth.
30 Friday Foggy all day
31 Martha went raspberrying up in our pasture. I went to the library this p.m.
Aug 2, 1915 Fog and mist
3 Very wet and cold weather
5 Still cold wet weather
6 Wind still easterly tho not quite so foggy-we managed to dry our wash today.
7 At the library this p.m. quite a number of people in. A crowd I think from Eggemoggin came to wait for friends.  Wet, fog
8 Sunday Cold and wet- uncomfortable
9 Still foggy and wet. Mrs Sargent, Miss Harkness, “the boys”, Wylie, Irving, Frederick, and Mrs Danforth, have all been in today.
10 Still foggy and damp. Our garden is spoiling. Beans rusty and rotting, potatoes ditto, cucumbers do not grow. Impossible for farmers to get hay–bad
11 Fog still hangs on us tho not so thick today as it has been.
12 Wind —changed but fog not as thick
13 Foggy and some rain all day.
14 Sat Very thick fog this morning but burned off and sunshine later. At the library this p.m.
16 Washed today and got our clothes dry enough to iron tho it was not a very good day.
17 Last payment

We were invited down to Aunt Fannie’s to dinner but it rained so hard we could not go till about 2 o’clock this afternoon.

18 Fair day
19 We went up to Camp Hide Away today and carried our dinner. Ate it there and the baby had her nap on the old setee where Martha used to have hers.
20 Quite a good day.  Foggy some this morning.
21 Fairly pleasant today. Library for me, home and aq good fire on the hearth.
22 Wet and foggy. Went to Sunday School.
23 We had a very stormy night-last night- and a thunderstorm this morning. John Thurston’s barn struck by lightning and burned. Great pity
24 Martha went to Castine to see Dr Payson about her teeth. Got home about 6 o’clock. Teeth fixed. Wet day.
25 Addie and Martha spent the day here- hard rain storm and foggy.
26 Hattie Newells visited us today There has been some rain this afternoon.
27 Heavy frost last night. Pleasant but cold tonight.
28 Cold this morning wind nw, Martha going sailing with the Holdens. Baby went with me to the library.
29 Sunday School rain this morning, fog pm
30 Cold and foggy this morning. Very wet and uncomfortable all day.
Sept 1915
3 Beautiful day fog seems to have left us. We all went up to the “”Hide Away cabin and had our dinner. Fine time all by our three selves.
4 Sat I have been to the library this p.m.
7 We were all over to Clara’s today to dinner. Fine day, little foggy but not as we had last month
8 Foggy. The Pemaquid and the J T Morse collided at Moose Island this am. Morse disabled. No one hurt..
9 Fog, fog, fog
11 Sat At  the library  shall go to Portland Monday to get me some teeth and some glasses.
13 Mon Start for Portland this am.
21 Got home this morning. Had to stay in Stonington all night on account of fog.
22 Herbert and his son Fred are here for a little while this evening.
23 Today Herbert and Fred took dinner with us.
25 At the library. Cold dark day.
26 Great storm of wind and rain
27 Very heavy wind
28 Baby’s birthday and a cold day, heavy wind
29 Fair but quite cold and windy
30 Still some wind but quite a lot better than it has been
1 Martha and Will gone to Deer Island to buy lobsters and have a dinner on the shore.
2 Sat At the library this pm. Cold day for the season- rain is falling.
7 Will thinks of going fishing with Guy and I have cooked bread, molasses cookies, a flop cake, an apple pie and a lot of doughnuts. They will start tomorrow am.
8 A hard rain this morning and they will not go fishing.
9 At the library, few in, cold and rain out of doors
10 Sunday School
11 Will started this morning to go fishing. Hope he catches a lot and does not get a cold. Martha and the baby both have colds. I have just a little in my head.
14 Mrs Knapp invited me to ride and we had a fine ride about 40 miles by auto thro Blue Hill into Surry, East Blue Hill and home by No. Sedgwick.
15 I am having a bad cold. Will came home this noon, got 300 ponds of fish.
16 Martha will go to the library. I feel pretty miserable with this old cold.
18 Cold still continues
19 Cold better
22 I went to Mrs Babson’s a little while.
23 Martha gone to the library. I look after the baby-and bake sweet potatoes for dinner.
24 My head aches, Martha will go to Sunday School.
25 Not feeling very well
26 Cold still hangs on
28 Went to Mrs Babson’s little while this evening
30 Sat Martha went up to the library. There are new books from Miss Latimer to cover. Will went fishing got 2 cod, 2 cunners (?) and some flounders.
Nov 1915
4 Rain and fog
5 cold windy day
6 Martha at the library this PM
8 Capt. And Mrs Babson celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage this evening. Will and I went a large company was there.
9 Geo. Higgins worked yesterday on our garden and putting earth over new pipe. I paid him $5.25 tonight.
10 This morning Will and Martha went down to Aunt Fannie’s. Will painted a ceiling for her. Baby stayed with me.
12 I hurt my back in stooping and I am pretty lame. I have put some things in to soak and shall try to wash them this forenoon.
13 Washed a little yesterday and am ironing them today. Martha gone up to the library today. Today is my birthday. Martha gave me whiting for a petticoat.
14 Too lame to go to Sunday School.
17 Lame back no sense writing about it. I am going to go down to Aunt Sed’s for a few days.
20 Came back from Aunt Seds this morning. Had a good visit.
23 We killed two ducks today and dressed them for Thanksgiving.
24 Baked cookies 4 pies and some little cakes today.
25 Thanksgiving Day and we had a good dinner. Herbert and Fred ate with us.
26 A beautiful day
27 Sat Some rain. Martha went up to the library this pm
28 Sunday School
29 Rain most all day
30 I went out today to collect the CE money and did very well. Paid the treas. What I collected.
Dec 1915
5 First snow fell today. Rainy this pm
9 Stayed with Mrs Babson this evening and shall stay all night. Eva has gone down to Brooklin.
11 Went over to Mrs Babson’s for an hour this am. Martha at the library this pm.
18 Martha at the library this pm. Cold hard rainstorm. Killed the pig last Thursday.
20 Beautiful weather. No cold or snow here yet.
Beautiful day. Warm for this season
25 Nice day Christmas dinner. Herbert and Fred 24as guests. Roast pork, vegetables, rhubarb and blueberry pie.
26 Rain this day. Snow at night.
2 January Great snow storm
3 A white world. Snow quite deep.
6 This morning snow all gone it must have rained most of the night. Will chopping wood in Mr. Dorrity’s pasture.
8 I spent the afternoon at the library a cold day as they all said.
11 Hard walking. I went over to Mrs Babson’s for a little while this morning.
13 Wet nasty day
14 This morning Aunt Sed and I came up to the Homestead and stayed all day and this pm I came home.
15 At the library. Few in.
22 Martha built my fire and I went to the library for the afternoon. I have a cold and some others have one too.
24 Mon They washed today and I stayed in the dining room with the baby. My cold still holds on and my head is sore and aches.
25 Very mild weather for this season. The sky looks like April. Will has worked at the ice a week but says it is becoming poor.
26 Will has a cold and will not go to the ice today. Still mild weather.
28 The children gave a little entertainment and supper at the chapel tonight. I have such a headache. Will is sick and we shall go early to bed I hope.
29 Library this pm. Baby sick tonight. I am hoping she will be all right tomorrow.
1 Feb 1916 I went to Mrs Babson’s for a few minutes this afternoon. Eva and Guy up to the island. Baby better.
3 Baby sick but not any worse today. She has a cold now.
5 At the library Will made my fire. Quite a number of people in today.
7 Aunt Betsy Eaton died yesterday morning. She was about 99 years old.
8 I went to Aunt Betsey’s funeral today. A very cold day
12 At the library made my own fire. Will at the ice works.
14 Very cold day Will and Martha washed the clothes Will at the ice works this afternoon.
19 The heaviest storm of the winter today. Will made a fire at the library and I went up for the afternoon. There were 9 people I think.
24 Pleasant today but the snow is deep and the walking bad. Mr Davies holds special meetings here. I haven’t been once. None too well.
26 Storm of rain and some sleet. Hard day out  Will went to the library for me. as I’m not very well as the weather is so bad.
28 Went over to Mrs Babson’s
29 Quite cold today  Harriet Cole came up for a little visit. Has gone to church. I am going to write a little letter to Lydia tonight. Mail it tomorrow.
1 March I am not very well have a cold and cough some which takes my strength.
4 Sat Cold no better. Doctor came up gave me medicine. Will at library.
11 Sat Snow deep. Will gone to the library this pm. My cold is better.
13 Nora Stafford’s body was brot here for burial mat Forest Home Cemetery. Thick snowstorm this am.
14 Light snow has been falling all day. Will got clams for the chapel supper.
16 Heavy snow storm all day long. Wood pile and everything else covered deep. Just the tops of our cedars out now. Still snowing this afternoon.
17 High wind and snow blowing . Paths are filled in
21 Wind s.w. and a bit milder Vesta and Ella called this morning
22 It was fairly pleasant this morning but this afternoon it snows and the wind blows as cold as it was all last week. Hard night.
23 Wind n.w. snow all over everything. Snow blowing into large drifts. Temperature 10 above
24 This day came in with N.W. wind and the snow has blown all day.

Mrs. Sukeforth died this morning.

25 A fine day I went over to Mrs. Babson’s this am. Will at the library this pm. Mrs. Spinney called once today. The snow is settling little. Will soon go if the weather comes warmer.
27 Warm and fine a great change
29 Fine day still warm and summerish
30 Snow going fast. My cold has come back anew and I am about discouraged. Will caught 2 flounders. Water muddy and cove full of floating ice. My head feels bad and I can’t do much
1 April


Fine weather. Martha has a baby girl born today at 12:30 pm. Martha and child doing well. Margaret is baby’s name.
3 Very pleasant Will gone to chop for Horace.
5 Some rain. Will did not go in the woods.
6 Will in the woods fine day.
8 At the library. Little Margaret very low. I am afraid we can not keep her with us.
10 Martha’s baby Margaret died yesterday morning. Dear little girl is gone.

Hard snowstorm all night and all day.

11 We buried the dear baby today at Forest Home Cemetery.
13 Harriet went home today.
15 Sat I went to the library this pm.
18 Storm all day rain am and snow all the afternoon. Still storming at 7 pm.
20 Fine day. Will started for Boston to look for work. Hope he gets a good chance. I planted lettuce and radish seed in my box today.
25 I washed some yesterday and more today. They will dry today I think. I have a lame shoulder and feel about half sick.
26 Rain again today shoulder is better
27 Quite a pleasant day. Have planted a few cucumber seeds in my box today.
28 Rain all day. Am sewing patchwork for a quilt for little Martha’s bed.
5 May 1916 I went down to Aunt Sed and Aunt Fannie today. Aunt Sed has whooping cough and is feeling sick but better than she has.
6 Sat At the library this pm
12 Horace and Herbert plowed our upper garden this morning and will try to plant it tomorrow.
13 At the library. Herbert planted our potatoes this am.
14 Sun At home all day. Feel mean.
15 Dull day Herbert planted our peas and I set my onion set in the ground
17 A great storm of rain and NE wind. Cold as November. Set a hen in the broody hen pen.
19 Wind still NE cold and some rain. Constance and Julia called this afternoon.
20 Sat At the library this afternoon. Pleasant day.
21 Sunday school
22 Wet dull, a dreary day. Vesta came down for the annual meeting of our cemetery association.
25 A great thunderstorm last night. Rain fell in torrents. Quite pleasant this am but cold damp and dreary pm. Rain at night.
27 Quite fair today. At the library this pm.
29 No rain. Martha washed some- not much of a drying day. Wind E. Rain at night.
30 pouring most of the day.
31 Martha carried the flags down for the soldier’s graves today. Quite pleasant.
April 1, 1916 Constance and Julia up for the afternoon. Beautiful day.

Big Torpedo Boat-destroyer just gone down the Reach

2 Cold for this time of year but a beautiful pleasant day. We all went up to the cabin. The cherry trees are beautiful-like a white sheet.
3 Sat Martha at the library, a nice day but chilly.
6 Showers. I cleaned the library windows and floor and did some dusting.
7 Fine day. Pig arrived. Martha gone to the village.
12 Hard rainstorm all the forenoon cloudy and very foggy afternoon. Wind still East.
13 7 am raining hard wind NE. Our garden must be all ruined if this weather continues much longer
14 Cloudy this  morning No sunshine but not raining.
15 Nice day, sunshine but wind still east.

Mrs. Maria Wood died today.

17 Hard rainstorm all day so 1pm.

Mrs Wood buried today.

21 Fair day wind Nwest-at last. We spent the day at the cabin and had a nice time.
23 Pleasant day. Mr Dorrity cultivated our potatoes and Herbert hoed them today. Our garden looks better than we expected it could.
24 Sat Fine day but East wind. Martha at the library.
27 Fog hanging out over the island but sunny here. Hattie Nevells has been here. We had dinner at the cabin.

She feels bad that Irving enlisted.

29 Fine weather now.
30 Very fine day.

We hear that Irving Nevells has gone south with his company-Company K 8th Massachusetts

July 3, 1916 Martha started for Boston. Will be gone 4 days. Rain all last night and all day today. Heavy showers this pm. No thunder.
6 Martha came on Pemaquid tonight. She reports a good time while away. I’m glad she could go.
11 We all went down to Aunt Sed’s and found that all of Aunt Fannie’s family were invited there to dinner but we stayed and had a good time.
12 I worked a little at weeding my onions they look well. Heavy shower this pm.
13 Beautiful day. We have spent it at the cabin had dinner there, all very nice.
20 Warm day, we spent all the forenoon at the cabin-had a nice lunch and later, I went up again with Mrs. Bowden. Our garden looks fine.
25 Herbert came over and did some spading in the strawberry bed. Still very wet and fog heavy with occasional showers
27 Martha and I and the baby spent the day at the doctors they sent the car for us and gave us a long ride this pm.
29 Sat Martha at the library
August 3, 1916 Aunt Sed Aunt Fannie Florence and Muriel Rufus and Dorothy visited us today we enjoyed it.
4 Lydia and I went through the pastures ours and hers to look for blueberries they are very scarce
5 Sat Martha at the library
6 Mrs Mary Milliken died at 12 today.
7 Martha picked 3 pecks of peas which we shall try to can
8 Mrs Milliken buried today. Mrs Gower arranged the flowers. Beautiful ones too.
10 We called at Mrs Wesson’s, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Cora Hardings

‘s. I stopped in at Mary Milliken’s on my way home. Addie and Mrs Alice Billings called in this evening.

11 We spent the day at the cabin had dinner of green peas potatoes fish and mince pie Martha picked 2 quarts of blueberries on our own land.
12 Sat Martha at the library
14 We washed some this morning. Mrs France and Mrs Alice Billings spent the afternoon with us.
16 Martha went sailing with the Holden’s. Baby and I had a very quiet day all by our own two selves.
17 We all spent most of the day at the cabin. Dinner served there all very nice chard greens, potatoes, radish, bread and butter cake, cold water
20 At church and Sunday school. Mr Bradley spoke at the chapel this evening
22 Will came home tonight. Will stay till Thursday morning.
23 We had Herbert over to dinner. I went up to the library for the evening. We had a heavy shower thunder and lightening. Will came for me.
24 Will went back this morning.
26 Sat I went up to the library for Martha this afternoon.
28 I have worked 4 hours at the Bowden cottage today. A Mr Keating and bride are to have it for a short time. It needed sweeping and dusting.
29 Finished at the cottage today
30 Martha went to Castine today. Baby and I had a fine day all by ourselves. Aunt Fannie and Beth called today.
31 Did lots of little no account jobs today. Beautiful night. If I feel strong I should like to walk out.
October 5, 1916 Martha Brown married today. Beautiful day.
7 Sat Martha at the library
8 At Mrs Sweet’s for dinner
12 All well. Will came home tonight.
14 I went to the library and Martha and Will gathered our apples. Only about a barrel
Nov 3, 1916 Spelling school today or rather tonight at the chapel
4 Martha at the library
6 Beautiful day. Very heavy frost last night.

Will at work for Horace building a tennis court for Bertha Allen

8 Went down to Aunt Sed’s today.
11 Came home from Sed’s this morning had a nice visit.
13 My 66th birthday today. Will Martha and the baby gave me a new fountain pen. It is good and I appreciate it.
14 Hard snow storm very cold all day.  We had the last of the years lettuce with a nice salad for dinner.
15 Very uncomfortable day, cold windows frosted this morning. Will shoveled out the paths, snow quite deep.
17 I went with Mrs Byard down to the parsonage to a missionary meeting. Cold and snow deep in places. Thermometer 16 above at 8am.
18 Sat Will went over to the millpond and reports 4 inches of ice. Martha at the library this pm.

I am doing a quilt for Mrs Wesson.

22 I went over to Mrs Babson’s for the day. Pleasant day tho quite cold.
23 Storm coming in.

Mr Michael Snowman died this morning.

25 Sat Martha at the library
30 Thanksgiving Day and we had a good dinner. Duck, sweet and white potatoes, onions, pickles, blueberry and rhubarb pie.
Dec 13, 1916 Aunt Sed came up this morning and will stay with us tonight. I was very glad to have her come.
14 Fannie and Beth came up this evening and Sed went home with them. Very cold tonight.
15 A storm coming in, this afternoon is dark. Snow falling in the evening.
16 Sat A dreadful storm all night and still snowing hard at 7pm. Heavy wind no in or out mail. Library not open.

This has not happened for 11 years.

20 Will has been painting the kitchen we shall paper it now very soon.
21 Papered the kitchen today it looks fine.
22 Will at the shore for his father.
23 Martha at the library.
Jan 5, 1917 Martha went up to the library. It is very cold and rough day. Will finished work at the shore.
9 I went down to Fred’s and stayed with the children while Fred and Nellie went to the Masonic installation. Quite a rainstorm.
10 Will in the woods and Martha and I kept house alone this day.
11 Snowstorm. Martha went up into the woods to carry Will’s dinner.
12 Very cold day.
13 Still cold but somewhat milder than yesterday.
20 Just heard of the death of Waldo Kingsbury
24 I went down to stay with Fred’s children.
26 Martha the baby and I spent the day and had dinner at Aunt Fannie’s
27 Sat Martha at the library, Will in the woods. Nice day but cold.
29 A dull day, very cold worked on new drawn rug. Mrs France called.

Mrs Fredrick Billings buried yesterday 93 years old.

30 Martha and Will went down to trim up the apple trees. Mild this forenoon, colder tonight.
31 Pleasant day and Martha went up to the camp where Will is chopping. Mrs Eaton went with her.
Feb 2 Very cold day. Will in the woods.
3 The coldest day we have had for years, that is I feel it most and our house is colder tho I think the mercury has been as low at other times. At -12.  Last night it was 18 below.
5 A great snowstorm all day very tough weather. Still snowing at 9pm. Finished my sil rug today.
6 Snow piled high this morning. Will dug paths to the henhouse and road.
8 Went over to Mrs Babson’s found her in bed, feeble. Will and Martha gone to Aunt Fannie’s this evening. Most of the men who went to N.J. to work on ice came home today.
10 Very cold and the snow is blowing filling all the paths. Will gone to the library this pm. I am not well, pain in my side all day and last night.
11 Side all achy. Martha at Sunday School.
12 I am better but have a cold coming on and my side is sore. Will went in the woods. Too cold, 13 below, I am afraid he will freeze his ears.
13 Still cold. 12 below, Will in the woods.
14 A little milder. Reach freezing over No boat today, Strike on the ESS lines
15 Fine day. I went over to Mrs Babson she is very poorly. Mrs Leach is there and had called here today.
17 Martha at the library and I am keeping house. A little milder and pleasant today.
18 Martha at Sunday school.
19 Pleasant day.

I saw Mrs Babson tonight. She is very low and suffers so much it is pitiful to see.

22 Mr Sanborn and his machine sawed six cords of wood for us today.
24 Will went to the library as Martha’s cold is not over.
26 Aunt Cad died yesterday. Aunt Fannie got a message from Annie.
27 A telegram tonight tells us that Fred Simmons is deceased. No particulars.
28 Mrs Babson passed away this morning.
Mar 1, 1917 Will went to Boston today to bring Fred’s remains home for burial in the family lot.
2 I went to Mrs Babson’s funeral. She is buried in Brooklin.
3 Martha at the library. Will came home this morning and they buried Fred as soon as they arrived.
6 Snow deep. Will has tunneled up to the henhouse and down to the road. 3 feet in places. Cold. 8 above, 0 this morning.
8 Another snowstorm all day. The Chapel Circle supper will be postponed till Sat evening.
10 Chapel supper tonight.
14 Aunt Sed Aunt Fannie Rufus and Muriel spent the day with us. I went home with Aunt Sed, stayed at Aunt Fannie’s tonight.
15 Storm and snow all day. We shall stay here tonight, at Aunt Fannie’s.
16 Aunt Sed and I came up to her house this am. I shall stay here tonight.
17 Will and Martha and Martha came down this am and I came up home with them.
20 Will in the woods for Horace
22 Baby sick. The doctor says grippe. I am so sorry.
23 Baby not so well. Dr says bronchitis
26 Little Martha improving. Almost everybody has a cold.
Apr 9, 1917 Snow storm all day. Will varnishing at the library. Martha and I working on drawn rug.
10 Tough day snow high piled everywhere and blowing hard. No sun today. All of us have colds hanging on, better soon.
14 Fair day. Quite a change. I have been up to the cabin. Martha will go to the library this pm.
16 Pleasant day. I went up to see Mrs Higgins called at Mrs Lizzie Billings’ and at Mrs Addie Woods.
21 Martha at the library. Will painting for Elaine-Fannie
23 Planted lettuce in my box
27 I have been down to Sed’s since Tuesday. Had a good visit. Spent the day yesterday at the doctors.
30 Fine day. Worked some on my garden boxes.
May 1, 1917 Fair day, tho a storm is coming. Will has hauled rocks from the garden and plowed it all. Martha dug dandelion greens this evening.
7 Fair day. Will at the Point.
15 Horace plowed and furrowed the garden.
16 Will has planted the potatoes today and if all goes well we will plant the peas tomorrow.
18 Will finished the garden yesterday except a row for us to plant later with small seeds.
19 Will started for Boston today to join the Steamer Fuller. Martha and I planed squash seeds and some others.
21 We finished the squash bed. Albert Billings baby buried this pm.
22 Pig came this pm.
23 Cold rainstorm. Set hen in broody hen=pen last night.
24 Beautiful day. Vesta came in this am. For a little cemetery meeting. She could not come last night, weather too bad.
29 Tues Hard rainstorm. Martha worked at the library.
30 Memorial address at the Chapel in the evening the the Rev, Chester Smith of Penobscot.
July 6 I came down to Aunt Sed’s this morning and will stay the night.
7 Came home this morning. A storm is coming and the day is dull.
8 Annie Anderson came this morning and will be with us for dinner.

Just heard that Mrs Jane Harding died last night.

15 Martha, the baby and I rode over to Brooksville to meet Will this pm. He is home for a little stay. Will go back Monday.
16 Sat We had a picnic dinner over on the Point and then they set me ashore at the Lalore’s slip and I came up to the library for the afternoon session.
21 Mr Hooper did some work in our garden.
22 We all ha d dinner at the cabin soup, cookies oranges. Bread and butter cold water from “our well”. Nettie Dodge Esmdal’s body brot from California Buried here today.
25 Fine morning but heavy shower this afternoon. Mr Hooper hoed our potatoes.

Mr Curtis Dodge died yesterday.

28 Mrs Foster (Susie) died this morning. I went up to Aunt Inez’ with Dwight and she and I went over to the factory.
29 I stayed at Aunt Inez’ last night- came home this pm. Had a fine visit. Went to Susie’s funeral this pm.

William Hooper died yesterday.

30 Willam Hooper buried today.

“Uncle Eben”, 91 years old came to the funeral.

July 8 Sun Mr Guptil spoke at the chapel.
9 Will went back today.
11 Still wet- but I went down to Aunt Sed’s am and at the library in the evening.
19 Clara visited us today.
20 Good day. Dority and Mildred came up to see us.
26 George Grindal very low can scarcely be expected to live through the day.
27  George Grindal died this morning.

A card from Roy says that Will has measles and is in quarantine on an island near Boston.

29 Mr Grindal buried today.
31 Thunderstorm lasted til midnight last night. Miss Harkness counted 10 separate showers thro this morning and afternoon.
Aug 1, 1917 Will came home this morning.
8 Will started today for Boston and I hope he will not get cold.
9 Edie came today for a visit.
13 Fine day, warm, Aunt Sed came up for a few hours this pm
15 Edie and I visited up to Mrs Bennett’s to dinner. We had a good time only I fell—so sick I could hardly stand.
16 Edie and I visited to Aunt Sed’ to dinner. We had a good time went down in the stage.
21 Edie went home yesterday and a thunderstorm came up just as the boat started. I am afraid she had a rough time.
22 Word from Edie tells me she got home. Had a rough passage across the bay.
27 Martha not very well. Harriet came up but has gone home-told me to send for her again.
28 Martha not feeling very well.
29 Wed Sent for Harriet last night and also for the doctor. Baby boy born at about 2 o’clock this morning. Foggy all morning. Baby is Richard Currier Simmons.
30 All doing well.
Sept  3, 1917 The baby boy is named Richard Currier Simmons and I am glad he is.

Will came home yesterday.

5 Beautiful day. Will and Roy gone fishing.
10 Harriet said tonight she must leave us tomorrow. I am sorry. Martha sat up awhile today.
11 Harriet went this morning.
12 Getting along pretty well.
16 Baby not very well
17 Baby quite sick.  Cannot retain his food.
21 We have had a hard week so far baby is pretty bad off and requires a great deal of care.
Oct 12, 1917 Baby does not get much better and we cannot get any food that agrees with him. He is so thin.
19 Gathered apples today sold most of them to the Packing Co. at No. Sedgwick Sold for $9.85
28 Sunday school. Baby seems better.
Nov 2, 1917 Mrs. Jesse Grindal died today.
12 Will will kill the pig today. He is very small but has eaten enough to be much larger.
Written on the reverse of the page:

“extract from Deed of WGS to LBG  Excepting and reserving a privilege of sinking and building a reservoir 8 by 10 ft size where sufficient water may be found and properly pipe from same.”

(p.s. from Pam Simmons; The initials probably refer to Wyer G. Sargent and Lydia Gower)

13 My 67th birthday and I had a bunch of lilies and chrysanthemumsfrom Addie, fir for my pillow from Martha, big bunch of grapes, milk treat and two postcards one from Vesta and one from Addison.
26 Our baby is much better.
27 We washed today. Will is chopping for Myron.
28 Snow storm all day. We are disappointed that Herbert will not be with us tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner. We shall have chicken, turnips, sweet and white potatoes, pie pudding to.
Dec 6, 1917 Will went fishing with Guy. Did fine. Got a lot of nice fish.
7 Will chopping wood
24 Got our tree up and it will be partly trimmed today.
25 We had a nice tree and some good presents on it. Herbert was over to dinner. It is bad walking. Very slippery and cold.
26 Lizzie Dow and Fidelia were here for a call today. They went over to the house to get some things and came in on their way.
27 Cold today, 12 below on our porch at 6 o’clock this morning. Martha and I went over to see Hattie and Clara tonight. All as well as usual.
28 Snow storm all day. We sent a few cookies over to Clara’s to go in Roy’s box they are sending him to Ayer.
29 Very cold day. I went to the library and I know I was never there for as cold an afternoon.
30 Coldest day I remember. Vapor has risen like fog all day from the Reach and bay sometimes almost covering the island. 5:30 pm 16 below
31 Coldest day in 47 years according to the Boston Post. 28 below at our house at 7 this morning and some report much colder. Reach frozen over all in one day/
I do not have Dora’s daily notebook for 1918 -Pam Simmons

Transcribed by Dora’s great granddaughter, Pamela Simmons in 2011.