Isadora (Dora) Amelia Sawyer Currier’s Journals 1919-1940 (PEO.27B)

Transcription of the 1919-1940 portion of the daily journals of Dora Currier followed by a few entries by her son-in-law William H. Simmons

Journals of Isadora “Dora” Amelia Sawyer Currier

This is a transcript of the 1919 through 1940 journals of Isadora “Dora” Amelia Sawyer Currier who was born in Sedgwick Nov. 13, 1850 and died there Jan. 21, 1942.   The only daughter of Abel and Martha Marks Brown Sawyer, her father died of tuberculosis at the age of thirty.  Dora married G. Richard Currier Nov. 25, 1880 and they had one child, Martha Maria Currier who later married William Simmons. Richard died Jan. 27, 1885 of tuberculosis, a disease that at the time, was incurable. Dora’s journals are followed by a few entries by her son-in-law William H. Simmons.

Dora and Richard Currier at the time of their wedding.

Dora and Richard Currier at the time of their wedding.

Jan 1, 1919 15 below on our porch this morning.
4 Very cold weather indeed up to Thursday when we had a snowstorm  hard day but a little more comfortable than we have had.

Mr Roberts died last night January 3rd

6 Snowstorm all day yesterday very hard day  wind strong.  Not snowing this morning but cold cold
Jan 13, 1919 Fair day. Aunt Fannie came up for a little call. More moderate weather than yesterday.
15 Beautiful day. Velma and Mrs Spinney have called here. Martha and little Martha went down to Aunt Fannie’s this afternoon.
16 Addis was in for a minute.
18 At the library. Few in quite mild for this time of year.
22 Mild. Much different from last winter’s freezing days. Martha just heard a flock of geese.
27 Beautiful day. Will in the woods. I did a little cooking and wrote to Lydia.
28 Just home from CE meeting. Miss Etta Condon leader. Martha had a little fire on the ledge this morning.
Feb 7, 1919 I have been down to Aunt Sed’s for four days, at Aunt Fannie’s today and had a good time at both places.
10 Beautiful day the weather is very mild for winter snow nearly all melted off this afternoon
11 Mrs Turner did the washing and Martha went up in the pasture for a little whie this afternoon.
Aunt Fannie and Aunt Sed came up and spent the day.
13 Supper at the Chapel tonight none of us went. This is a perfect night- almost too beautiful for this time of year. Moon full and very light.
15 I have been to the library. Miss Harkness has sent a box of books. I hope they reach us but the freights are uncertain now.
19 Martha’s birthday beautiful day the weather iswonderful/
20 Little Martha and I went with Will up in the pasture and we had quite a fire of brush  hope some blueberries will come where we burned.
21 I have been in to see Mrs Bennet today. She is quite sick and feels discouraged.

10 above at 6:30 this morning

24 Mrs Delia Allen is dead.
25 Beautiful day.  I have been to the chapel to our missionary meetings. The collection amounted to 1.16 Topic Japan’s toilers.
26 Mrs Phebe Hinkley died yesterday.
28 Dull day. I have visited at Clara’s had a good time.
Mar 5, 1919 Beautiful weather but no sledding for the men to get out their wood.
7 “Uncle” Eben C. Hooper died this morning at Hattie Hardings.
9 Hard rainstorm “Uncle” Eben Hooper buried today.
10 I have been to the CE meeting this evening
19 Heard today of Dr Davie’s death. A good man gone.
20 Still raining. Sent my rug to Zoe yesterday.
21 Samuel Gray died last night.
24 Better weather today- Samuel Gray buried yesterday.

Will started for Boston

26 Our books came today. The gift of Miss Harkness. A big box
29 At the library. Opened the box there are over 80 books, a great gift.
May 7, 1919 Martha and I went down to Aunt Fannie’s by the stage this morning and we had to walk home in a rainstorm.
10 George and Mr Hooper plowed our garden today-I planted some radish in my box.
25 First lettuce in my box
31 At the library. Swept and filled the wood box.
June 3, 1919 Will came home today. Very warm day.
5 Will gone back to Boston
6 Martha and I had a walk up on the ledge, found lady slippers among the junipers.
11 Annual meeting at the library.
16 Mrs Sweet came today and the much needed rain fell. A lot more would have been appreciated
19 Wind E and quite chilly Archie Bayard has fixed my fence and he said “Teddy Roosevelt in the jungles of Africa had nothing on me”.
22 Our first endive from my box for dinner today.
July 5 Library today very hot day a little thundershower this evening. Rain much needed.

Lightening struck a barn and killed a cow in Bluehill..

7 Water in our well 5 feet 3 inches
8 Will started for Boston today.
18 Mildred Foster’s baby girl born tonight
22 Mildred’s baby very sick
23 Just learned that the baby died this morning.

Will came today Strike on.

26 At the library. First potatoes from our garden
29 We have new carrots from our garden quite often now
30 Will went to Boston this am.
31 First cucumbers this am and first turnips
Aug 29, 1919 Richard’s second birthday and we spent it at the cabin  had a fine dinner and Addie nd I went  berrying Richard had a nice box.
Sep 5, 1919 Mrs France and I went up in the pasture and picked each a quart of blueberries and a quart of huckleberries
6 Will arrived home today.
9 Will left for Bangor this morning
10 Rain I wanted to go down to Charles’ but could not
11 Still raining I went down this afternoon to the Holden’s

Charles died this morning

12 Harder rain today of the week but signs of clearing
13 Fine day and everybody is rejoicing.
23 Bess and Constance with little Charles visited us this afternoon
25 Fine day and I went up to the garden and brot down some beans also went down to Mrs Sweets and picked blackberries for breakfast.
27 Cooler. I gathered my squashes. There are 13 good ones, one that measures 36 inches in the largest part.
Oct 1 Went up to Marjorie’s today. Nice walk, and a bag of corn to can,
4 I went to the library, also to the store could not find any blankets of the size I want.
6 Will got home last night
8 Will Martha and little Martha went to Bangor today the boys stayed with me.
9 I went down to stay with Aunt Abbie while the family went to the harvest supper at Sedgwick.
10 Warm day. I went to the library this pm
Nov 3, 1919 Sunday school. Will came home today.
13 My 69th birthday I had a nice dress, 10 postals (new) a little towel, cards from Edie, Orren and Russel.
14 Little Herbert’s birthday and he had a cake with one candle and a box with some little things in it
28 Went down to Aunt Fannie’s today and had a nice visit.
29 At the library this afternoon. We have had no snow yet to amount to anything
Dec 1, 1919 Pleasant day but quite a heavy wind. Mrs Chandler Bowden and Martha and little Martha took a walk up to the wood clearing.
2 I went up to where Will is chopping this forenoon  beautiful then snow all afternoon.
3 Cecil Oscar Hooper Dec 1, 1919
6 Roy Grindal married Frances Dow of Kennebunkport.
7 My mother’s birthday 100 years ago.
8 Just heard of William Blake’s death
9 Wm Blake buried today.
11  Martha got her first egg today.
22 Milder but still cold. Aunt Fannie came up today We put some things on our tree for the 25th today. Sent tp C.W for stocking feet.
23 Some more things on the tree
24 Little Martha and I slept upstairs so as to see the tree in the morning.
25 We had our tree this forenoon and all of us were well remembered-Clara and Hattie came in this afternoon.
26 Fine day. Martha and I walked up to the clearing where Will is chopping.
27 I went to the library this afternoon
30 Snow storm this forenoon cleared off this pm. Just heard that Gertrude Hooper was married Sat.
31 9 o’clock of the last day of 1919. Martha and Will have gone to a Watch meeting at the Chapel.  It has been a nice day but cold.
No date Probably Dec 29, 1919 Just heard that Maurice Gray and Ruby Nell Friend were married last night
Jan 3, 1920 I went to the library Will built me a good fire. Not many in.
5 This afternoon I went down to Aunt Fannie’s and stayed all night with her.
6 Came up to Aunt Sed’s today and we shall stay here tonight.
7 Mild, we called at Mrs Eaton’s. Shall go down to Aunt Fannie’s tonight. I think I ought to go home instead.
8 Stayed at Aunt Fannie’s all night and came home this morning. Feel too sick to do much, bad cold. Will has painted the kitchen, it looks fine.
10 Martha gone to the library my cold is still with me.
17  Will went to the library we are having a tough snow storm all night, last night and all day today.
19 Cold day George Higgins and Will have hauled part of Will’s wood this afternoon.
24 Hard storm of snow. Will went to the library.
26 Martha went down to Aunt Fan’s yesterday for a call.

Reach frozen over this morning. Deer Isle mail crossed at Byard’s Point.

27 Not as cold but a drizzling snow and rain storm. Wind south east may break up the ice in the Reach. Boat came thro it yesterday. Will gone clamming
31 Cold, cold- Will went to the library
Feb 2, 1020 Cloudy and dull which according to the old adage seems encouraging. Will chopping for G D Eaton and Mr H hauling dressing for our garden.
3 I have been collecting CE money with a result of 5.80 for the society.
4 Masonic installation tonight and Will and Martha have gone.
5 Tough snowstorm and the Chapel Circle are ready for a supper and entertainment. I don’t see how the women could get there without being wet and uncomfortable.
6 They had the supper and got 50. Today a tough snow storm is raging again. Very hard to get out for man or beast. Cold.
7 Fine day. Ox teams broke out the roads and the report is lots of snow. Addie came in for a short call today.
13 Big snowstorm we are almost buried now
14 No storm today but one is on the way. Marjorie and Addie Dority called this pm. Irving and Olney spent the evening her. Will went clamming and cut through the ice. He got some. Not large but nice.
15 Hard snowstorm and the wind blows fiercely. The hardest storm of the winter I should think.
19 Severe storm and rain followed all afternoon by snow. Blinding hard weather.
20 Everybody shoveling snow all day. Will shoveled Mrs Sweet’s piazza top and the weight of the snow has broken it in one place.
21 I went to the library this pm. I think another storm is coming.
23 Fair day. We all went down to the wood pile which is almost buried in snow.
26 Will shoveled Mrs Sweet’s side piazza. Snow storm continued all night and drifted bad –snow from 5 feet to seven feet around our house. Will says three to five.
28 Fair day but they say a storm is coming. I went to the library.
March 1, 1920 Fair day I went up to Vesta’s and Martha and Will went to a social at the chapel.
3 A lite snowfall this morning-lite like frost.

First team crossed the Reach this morning.

4 This has been a dull dark day.

Aunt Abbie Sargent died this afternoon.

10 Snow this morning. We are almost buried in snow. Will trying to finish his wood.
11 Dull day snow melting. Some wood all done. Irving and Olney have come in to play whist. Will dug a “tunnel” up to the hen pen today.
13 Rain all day and the wind blows a gale tonight and whistles and sings around the house. Snow melting some.
15 Cold and very icy  beds. Little Martha went ice boating with her father on the Reach.
17 Much pleasanter. Will started from Boston this am on the stage.
19 Martha went down to Aunt Fannie’s. Children played on the porch quite a part of the day.
20 Hard snow storm all day. Wind blowing strong at 8 o’clock pm. Martha went to the library.
22 Aunt Hanna Shorey”s 83 birthday.
28 Orren Ame’s birthday.
April 6, 1920 Storm, some snow, cold.

Pig came today.

7 Quite a snowstorm today cold and disagreeable Sent for books at LS and FT
8 Aunt Sed here tonight
9 Good day Aunt Sed went home tonight. Martha and I went a piece with her.
10 Martha at the library. Lizzie Billings called this afternoon.
11 Sun. Sunday school. Just heard of Nathan Ash’s death.  Worked on my rug.
13 Hard rain storm. Just heard that Capt. Val Black’s vessel is reported lost. Hope there is some mistake in the report.
15 Rain storm coming I went down to Mr Grant’s for buttermilk.
16 Uncomfortable day rain all the forenoon cleared pm. Marjorie and Addie Dority called. I sent letter to Ellsworth.
18 Sent .30c to J.R. Libbey for cotton.
20 Let the pig out today. Mrs Hooper and Addie have been in to see us.
27 Fine day but wind becoming east tonight Harriet came up for a short call.
30 I went to call on Mrs Higgins. She is not very well.
May 3, 1920 In trying to paper my room I fell and have hurt myself quite badly.
4 Thick snow storm this morning. I am very lame.
5 Heavy white frost over everything out-of-doors this am and the densest vapor I have seen for a long time.
6 I am getting some better of my lameness from my fall.
8 I went to the library this pm  Will came home this morning. Rain strom this afternoon.
9 Capt. Babson with us today.
10 Will gone back to Prov. We went for a long walk up in the pasture this afternoon.
19  Geo and Mr Hooper are working on our garden.
20 Geo and Mr Hooper still working in the garden.
24 Geo has broken his cart and cannot finish our garden now
26 Geo and Mr Hooper began work again this afternoon.
27 Mr Hooper at work for us.
29 Sat Our garden finished this noon. I have been at the library.
31 I went to the chapel this evening to hear the memorial address. It was good.
June 5, 1920 At the library this pm. Mrs Sweet, Miss Harkness and a maid came this am.  The much needed rain is now falling.
12 Sat I went to the library. Will came home today to stay till Monday. Fine day.
14 Will went back today. The ground is very dry and our upper garden needs rain very much.
17 Richard and I went down to Aunt Sed’s and had a good visit. We went on the stage and came back the same way.
18 Mustard greens from our garden today first thing so far from the garden. The rain so much needed has been falling a little last night.
21 Mr H came up to work in the garden and it was too wet to do much.
22 Rain this pm so Mr Hooper came down at night and said he left part of a row of beans didn’t have a hoe with him—we are likely to have a rainy night.
26 Sat At the library this pm. Very hot day and very dry –rain much needed Our first beet greens from my box.
29 Little Martha and I went down to Constance’s this afternoon.
30 Wed At the library this evening. We have had a fine rain all day and everybody is glad.
July 1, 1920 I have weeded our carrots and beets today.
5 Mrs Hooper came to wash for us.
6 We all went up to the cabin for our fourth had a good lunch and the children picked a mug full of wild strawberries.
10 Sat At the library. Will is at home, came today.
14 Rain today a part of the time. Our folks picked a quart of ripe blueberries today.
16 Pleasant day. Mrs France called this afternoon.
23 Another shower last night.

Martha not feeling well. Mrs Pert just arrived.

24 At the library.
25 David Arnold Simmons born last night.
28 Library
31 At the library. I canned 7 pints of raspberries today.
Aug 14, 1920 At the library more people in than I ever remember to have been in.
17 Still foggy and it is becoming tiresome.  Mrs Hooper washed for us today.
30 At the Eaton barn play for the benefit of library. They took 120.00
Sept 11, 1920 At the library took in about 6.00 in fines, fees and membership dues.
23 Rode to Bluehill with Mrs Sweet. Fine day and fine ride.
24 We all went to Charles Kane’s store today warm like summer.
25 Sat At the library very few in-summer people mostly gone away.
27 We all had a great ride round the County Road yesterday. Saw Hattie Cole, Harriet and Aunt Sed on our way home.
29 At the library the last Wednesday that the library will be open this year. Mr Wesson bot us 18 volumes of Miss Muloch’s books.
Oct 4, 1920 Martha Richard and I took a long walk to the head of the pasture today. Had a nice lunch up there.
6 Martha, l;ittle Martha and David went visiting down to Constance’s today.
12 Mrs Hooper washed for us today.
13 Martha, Martha and Richard went up to Marjorie’s today and brot home a peck of corn in the husk.-sweet corn.
15 Beautiful day. All our children and Martha too have colds.
22 Picked beans from our scarlet bean vines shelled them and cooked them for dinner. No frost yet/
Nov 1, 1920 Rain this am. And a little snow fell, the first of the season. Nasturtiums still in bloom.
13 My 70th birthday and the children brot me cards, candy, orange needles  Martha made a birthday cake with 7 lighted candles. All lovely.
30 I went down to Aunt Fannie’s and went over to stay with Sed all night.
Dec 1, 1920 I have been here at Sed’s all day shall stay all night and go home tomorrow.
2 Home today.
9 Charles and Clara Arthur and Hattie are coming over to dinner tomorrow.
10 Rather stormy but they all came. I was glad to see them.
25 Christmas tree up in my room, Very brave and satisfactory
Jan 1 1921 Martha went to the library rather cold but good weather.
6 Colder but pleasant. I went over to Mr Dority’s to the annual meeting of the Chapel Circle.

Just heard of Mrs Sinclair’s death at the age of 75

7 Martha Will and the oldest children gone over to try the ice on the millpond.
8 Stormy Will went to the library
10 The children and I went up to the ledges
11 Mr White had a shock yesterday and is very sick.
17 Will gone to Boston as witness in a case against the ESSCo.
19 Cold. We live up in the sitting room as the warmest room in the house.
21 Will came this evening by way of Stonington.
Feb 2, 1921 Will’s birthday and we had a fine big cake.
7 Little Martha and I went to school this forenoon.

Miss Perkins teacher and a good one too.

9 We spent the day at Aunt Fannie’s Martha, little Martha, Richard, Herbert, ,David and I had a nice time.
10 Samuel Billings was here to dinner and supper.
16 Martha and Will gone this evening to the supper at the chapel. They brot home frosted cake. All very good.
19 Sat Martha’s birthday and I made her a cake with a candle. Went to the library this pm
21 Mrs Hattie Closson buried yesterday.
23 Rain coming down and it may spoil the sledding. Will works at the factory and carries his dinner.
26 The remains of Fred Stafford brot here and buried today.

I have been to the library.

27 JF Gray buried today.
28 Herman Chatto was married today to Mabel Bridges. I think her name was Bridges but I’m not sure.
Mar 2, 1921 Vesta came down this pm to do some twisting on my wheel.
Apr 2, 1921 Sat I went to the library this pm. Quite a number in Clara came over to the house for a call. I did not see her.
3 Will and Martha went for a walk this am
5 Will gone to Deer Isle to attend a Masonic meeting.
6 Burned junipers today good chance to burn
9 Sat Rain and Will went to the library this pm
10 Martha is sick. Doctor says bronchial trouble
13 Martha better. Both boys and little David sick
14 Boys are coughing bad
16 Will gone to the library, little David pretty sick and so is Herbert. Sent for doctor this afternoon. He says bronchitis
19 Dr in today he says Richard does not gain. But Herbert is better some
22 Children all better
23 Sat Will went to the library children all gaining
27 Addie Wood died at Searsmont and was brot here and buried at Forest Home Cemetary today.
30 Sat I went to the library this pm
May 2, 1921 Clara came in this pm for a call. I planted some radish seeds and a few lettuce seeds today in my box.
7 At the library not many in. Will and Archie are planting our garden I paid 4.99 for a load of dressing
9 Paid tax 13.20 quite a reduction from last year when I paid 19.00.
12 I went to the village to the roll call and address at the church-address by the president of Bates College.
13 Hard rain storm tonight
14 Still raining. I have been to the library this afternoon. Letter from Miss Harkness
15 Sun I went down to Sed’s.
18 Came home this morning. Will and Martha planted pole beans today
19 Frost tonight
20 Hot and dry weather today
26 Effie Parker and her two daughters Margaret and Edith spent the afternoon with us.
30 Memorial address at the chapel by a Mr Patterson of Castine
31 CE meeting missionary topic I led.

Just heard that Jennie Grindle and Mr Webb are married

June 1, 1921 Crows are destroying our corn.
3 Lucy Closson and I cleaned the library yesterday.
5 Fire down in Brooklin woods
6 Replanted my garden box today. They took Reginald Dority to the Rockland Hospital today.
7 Martha replanted corn today to replace that the crows have pulled up.
8 Annual meeting at the library.

Just heard that Grenville Clapp 13 years old died this noon. Eugene Clapp’s oldest son.

9 Hot and very dry our garden is suffering for rain
10 Still very dry no sign of rain tho Herbert S. said he thot it would rain very soon.
11 Sat I have been to the library. It is raining a little tonight and everybody is glad.
15 At the library this evening
18  At the library this pm Edie Ferguson died today at Castine Hospital.
21 No rain yet and no prospect of rain. The ground and gardens are suffering from the drought
22 Wed I have been to the library this evening quite a number in
23 Beet greens from my box
24 Will went fishing started tonight after supper
25 Sat I have been to the library
26 Martha and Will gone to St Johns service
27 Just heard that Dr France died the 7th of this month.

Such a drought I have never seen, even the leaves on the trees are drying and falling to the ground.

28 The blessed rain has come and we are all glad
29 Wed Still wet and it has rained quite a lot today. I have been to the library this evening
July 1, 1921 Dull day but no rain. Martha little Martha and Richard have been down to Aunt Sed’s
4 All of us spent the day at home. Martha and the children went over to the mill pond
6 I went to the library this evening.
7 Extremely dry weather all kinds of vegetation suffering for rain
9 Sat At the library
11 First peas from ur garden
12 Clara spent the day here. It is her birthday. We do so much need rain
15 The much needed rain came today.
25 I have a bad cold and the children have colds.
26 Down to Fannie’s today. They had a big picnic with supper out under the trees. Lots of good things to eat.
Dora goes to the library every Wednesday and Saturday evening
Aug 23, 1921 Went to the CE meeting. Mrs Byard led.
26 I rode to Ellsworth with MrsLee and Miss Harkness. Fine ride
30 Went up to the CE meeting a young man from the Bible Society led
Sept 1, 1921 We had dinner at the cabin potatoes, string beans, bisquits, blueberries, ham, and apple pie yes and tea
2 The children and I walked down to Aunt Fannie’s today got a ride back with Forrest Pert
3 At the library most of the summer people are going now.
6 Foggy this am and quite a little rain this pm. Effie, Charles and Frances Parker Beck and Mrs Mosley have called here today.
7 Wed At the library summer people nearly all gone
12 Martha started for school
14 Last Wednesday evening session of the library for this season
Oct 8, 1921 Spent this evening with Miss Harkness. Just heard that Sammy Knight has broken his leg. Too bad.
11 Hattie Sargent is in town
12 Hattie Sargent called here today. We have had a little rain today.
15 Spent this evening at home sewing on my rug.
17 Aunt Sed came up today she will stay all night.

Arthur Nevells died last night.

18 I went down with Aunt Sed tonight.
19 Stayed here with Aunt Sed last night. A rain storm has come in the night.
20 I came home this morning. Martha and the two children went down to the orchard and it came on to rain very hard and they had to give up picking apples.
21 They finished the apples today.
27 Picked flowers in Mrs Lee’s garden. Addie and I took a long walk thru the pasture.
Dec 15, 1921 Mrs Eugene Clapp died last night.

Just heard that Horace Eaton is married.

17 Mrs Jennie Webb has a baby girl
26 Just heard that Helen has scarlet fever instead of German Measles as we heard yesterday. Doctor says our children have had grippe.
Jan 9, 1922 Will started today for New Jersey he will work for Mr Foster on the ice.
10 I had to lead the C.E. meeting tonight. Topic-utilizing opportunities. It has been a beautiful evening.
14 Sat I went to the library this afternoon-quite a number came in
16 Martha and the children went over to see Mrs Webb’s baby
18 Went down to the store. Saw Nellie at the window. She hopes to be out of the quarantine soon.
19 Mrs France took dinner with us tonight. We enjoyed the visit with her.
20 Cold and icy very hard travelling. I am writing to Aunt Fannie.
21 Sat Snowstorm very slippery travelling I am at the library this pm. Only seven people in.
24 We were invited over to Mrs France’s to dinner but it is too cold to take the children out. David has a rash all over his body.
25 Still cold 4 below 0 on our porch at 7 am Archie came and hauled out three cords of wood this afternoon.
26 Archie finished hauling the wood this afternoon. Martha cut my dress. Nellie S. out of quarantine.
30 Fine day the children have been out sliding nearly all day.
31 Little David sick all day. Teething we think is the cause.
Feb 1, 1922 The children and I called at Hattie’s and at Mrs Grindall’s
2 Cloudy with both snow and rain all day no ground hog could see their shadow today.
5 Sun Just heard that Mrs Chatto’s mother died this morning
11 Library Aunt Fannie got a telegram from Bridgton Aunt Ida (Mrs Shorey) died this morning very suddenly. –a good friend has passed away.
13 Fine day but colder than it has been Reach filled with floating ice.
15 Quite a good day but a storm is coming I think. 4pm storm came and is fierce snow falling fast.
16 Great snowstorm all yesterday afternoon.
17 Cold, cold cold Reach fast closing in with ice  10 below on our porch this morning wind high
18 Will came today. Walked from So. Brooksville boat could not get in.
21 Good day. Will got his wood all sawed today, by machine
22 Just heard that Herbert Dority died last night.
27 Snowstorm, I thot of going down to Aunt Fannie’s but shall have to wait.
Mar 1, 1922 I came down on the afternoon stage to Aunt Fannie’s shall stay tonight.
2 I have been here all day and shall stay tonight and go home on the stage tomorrow morning,
3 Came home with Fred Sargent this morning.

Just heard that Mrs. Sewall Snowman is dead.

17 Will and Guy cut down a big maple in front of the house.
18 At the library. Invited to Mrs Bennett’s for supper with Eva and Guy. Good time.
25 We had maple syrup from our own trees. Nut fritters for breakfast. “flapjacks and coffee”.
July 1, 1922 At the library. Little Martha sitting up today in her bedroom. Much better.
31 We have all been sick of bronchitis and fever had a hard time all better now.
Aug 18, 1922 Will on the Belfast boat
Sept 11, 1922 Started for Portland this am. Reached Annie about noon.
12 Saw Dr Moulton. Got fitted for glasses. Can have them tomorrow.
13 Got my coat, glasses and my sweater shall start for home tomorrow morning.
14 Arrived home tonight. Had to wait in Rockland for 4 hours for the Pemaquid.
16 Just heard that Groves Eaton’s house was struck last night by lightening and that Mr Blake’s barn was burned.
22 Sedgwick school house burned.
24 Mr Brooke of Ellsworth spoke at the chapel.
26 Mrs Susan Grindal died yesterday.
27 All the Sedgwick school pupils or quite a number of them attending school at no. 8 as the school house at the village burned down last week-fire caught in a defective chimney.
29 Finished shelling all the beans 4 jars ready to sterilize tomorrow morning.
Oct 11, 1922 We had a gift of about 178 books for the library from Mr Reed
17 “Aunt Sed” came up this am she will stay with us tonight.
18 I went down with Aunt Sed to her house shall stay tonight and perhaps tomorrow night.
19 We went over to the orchard this afternoon There are apples on the ground. The wind blew very hard last night.
20 The ground is white with snow this morning
21 Sat I went up to the library this pm. Martha has been down to help gather the apples. She got Charlie Billings to help her and W Grant hauled them home.
24 All of the children and Martha and I went up to see Mrs Susan Mary Hooper’s to see her as tomorrow is her 82nd birthday.
27 Will and Charlie Billings are painting the library today.
28 I have been up to the library very few came in it is cold and uncomfortable tonight
31 I led the CE meeting and a consultation was held after it to see about plans for a young people rally to be held next Tuesday afternoon and evening.
Nov 1, 1922 Will started to go fishing with Capt. Freethy
3 Will got home tonight. Had a good trip and got some nice fish.
4 Sat Library the new stack is ordered and should be in soon.
7 Local union meeting of the CE society at the chapel this afternoon and evening.
10 Martha at the dentists and I am keeping house.
12 I am 72 years old today
13 Martha went to the dentist rode home with the doctor
16 I went down to Aunt Fannie’s this morning shall stay tonight
17 Came home tonight the children came down to meet me.

Capt Babson died this afternoon.

20 I went to Capt Babson’s funeral yesterday it was from Brooklin church.
22 Fine day we looked for Aunt Fannie but she did not come.
30 Thanksgiving day Herbert and Hattie at dinner with us.
Dec 3 School chimney poor and being replaced
6 I cut fir for small pillow to send to Addie Dority in Memorial Hospital.
8 Velma Brown came in this evening
18 Snowstorm all day and it has filled in the paths. Snow piled everywhere. We had Mrs Sweet’s piazza shoveled for fear of breaking and Mrs Bennett, Mr Foster Mrs Gower have had the same done with their roofs.
19 Got a ton of coal after much tribulation cost 22.00
25 Hattie and Herbert over to dinner with us. Christmas tree very fine and full of fruit
30 Will at the library the mail arrived from Bluehill this pm at 6 o’clock having started from Bluehill at 7 this morning 11 hours the snow is deep.
Jan 8, 1923 Will started for New Jersey today to work on the ice.
13 Snow blowing and very deep it is a foot and a half above the buttresses on our porch.
18 Tough snowstorm all day. Charles Simmons came over and fed the hens. All the paths filled in we had Mrs Sweet’s piazza roof shoveled off.
24 Today began quite fair but at 10 oclock the snow began to fall and continued all day.

I went over to Mrs. Billings’ first time I have been out for a good while.

26 I am feeling mean my cold seems to increase.
27 Dr came today say “bronchitis” I thot so.
29 Dr in today says “better” I thot so.
Feb 1, 1923 Feel pretty mean and weak but according to Mrs B I must say “I am better every day, I am better every day so here goes-I am better
2 Will’s birthday today
3 Sat Martha at the library. Dr came in says I must go out of doors a few steps every day.
4 Been as far as the henhouse
5 Been as far as Mrs Bennet telephone pole today
7 Out for short walk today
9 Martha went to Hattie’s today
10 Martha at the library. Pretty lonesome for me. Snow this morning but beautiful sunshine this afternoon
12 Martha washed. Pretty hard to dry clothes.I have been out for two little walks today.
13 High winds and snow all night, last night and the same all day today. Tough weather this is surely a hard winter.

Just heard of Welland Sargent’s death.

14 Still snowing 4pm. Storm all day paths are all filled in. Charles came over and fed the hens. Dreary weather.
15 Snowing this morning-snow blowing this pm but a little sunshine. Charles shoveled through 5 feet of snow to get to the hen pen this morning.
17 Martha worked on the books this afternoon at the library and I stayed here at the house.
19 Martha’s birthday.
20 Addie visited us today for a while. I enjoyed her stay.
22 Snowing this morning
27 Snowing this morning but cleared toward afternoon.
28 Orren’s birthday.

Snowing this morning. Will came home tonight and had walked part of the way from Ellsworth.

March 6, 1923 Herbert Simmons’ birthday. Herbert and Hattie over here to dinner.
7 Charles Grindal and Will wiring this house for electricity. Tough storm of snow and wind one of the worst of the winter.
8 Very cold for this time of the year.
9 Cold 8 below at Scott Lymburner’s this morning.
10 Tough snowstorm today. Will at the library.
12 Hard storm of snow and rain all day today. Tonight the wind howls and moans around the house.
13 Snowing this evening. The trees were covered with sleet this morning and it has been thawing off all through the day.
15 Nice day I went over to Hattie’s for a call.
16 Heavy storm of snow, hail rain and wind.
20 High wind, some hail. Cold, cold cold!!!
21 Pleasant day but cold. Will painting the kitchen.
23 Snow is giving a little and ice on the Reach is beginning to look some thin in places.
28 Cold. 8 below at 8 o’clock this morning. Mail coming across the Reach in an iceboat. Horses and sleighs crossing easily. Snowstorm
29 Colder. 6 below at 7 o’clock tonight and 6 below at 7 o’clock am. Snow beginning to fall at night.
30 Thick snowstorm this morning. We cannot see the island at 9 o’clock.
31 Snowing again this morning very thick, roofs and trees covered but not so very cold. Snow blowing and paths filled in.
April 1, 1923 Cold, snow does not melt away.
4 Ice in the Reach beginning to break up.
9 I went up to see Lizzie. Quite a bit warmer tonight.
11 Snowstorm this morning and cold wind.

Will has gone up to Caterpillar Hill to shovel on the old snow on the road.

Will said the snow was so hard they could not dig it out.

13 Cold today. The men are sawing out ice from the wharf so the boat can get in.
15 We all walked down to Aunt Fannie’s and Aunt Sed’s.
17 Tuesday I led the meeting this evening. Topic-education.
21 One warm day. Percy burning his pasture for blueberries. I went to the library.
26 Will started for Boston to look for a job. I hope he finds a good one.
May 3 1923 I went down to Aunt Fannie’s
4 Came home today, some rain.
9 Our folks all have colds.

I planted my box today, carrots, cucumbers, beets, chard, radish and endive.

10 We walked up to the cabin today.The sun shone and it was a pleasant walk but the wind was quite strong. Addie called for a few minutes.
12 sat At the library, only a few came in. Hardly worth the cost of expenses.
26 Mr Hooper and Archie planting our garden today.
30 Memorial address at the chapel-good attendance address by Rev. Brooks of Ellsworth.
June 10, 1923 Will came home for a day.
13 Annual meeting of the library. Dora is now at the library every Wednesday and Saturday.
July 17 Fine day. Martha pulled young beets from my box for dinner. We have had plenty of them for greens for some time. Also chard and endive
26 Salad today with beets, carrots, onions and potatoes from our garden.
27 Mrs Cora Harding died this morning.
Aug 2, 1923 Sale at the library today. All going well.
4 Martha picked a cauliflower from our garden. Measured 10 ½ inches across and is for dinner tomorrow.
7 Addie’s birthday
Sept 14 John Warren, Martha’s 7th baby born about 12 pm tonight.
17 Just heard that Vesta Chatto died last niught
24 We gathered from our garden today, ripe tomatoes, green corn, cucumbers, parsnips, beans, beets and cabbage.
26 Will picked or raked 5 quarts of nice blueberries.

I paid HW Sargent for my insurance today.

27 2pm just down from the garden brot carrots, onions, beans, cabbage and a peck of ripe tomatoes
Oct 1 Mon Hard rain storm all day-it is needed for wells are quite low and some are dry.
3Wed Mrs Pert went home today.
5 Friday Just heard that Ellwood Kimball was married last Wednesday
6 Big frost last night
23 I hear that Osward Hooper’s family has moved to Bangor.
Nov 14 1923 Fine day. Grass green yet. Will finished work at the Point and may burn brush tomorrow.
22 I took dinner at Mrs Bennett’s with Mrs. Sweet and Miss Harkness. Thye left on the Boston boat for their winter’s stay.
23 Azor Dodge died at noon today and so passes another good friend, one who will be missed.
25 Azor Dodge buried today
Dec 7 Pleasant-weather much like early spring. I went down to Fannie’s had a good visit came home in the early dusk
11 First real snow it did not last more than a few hours.
15 A cold day. Only one person came in to the library.
17 Cold and rough tonight. We are getting our Christmas things about done.
25 Beautiful Christmas day. Herbert over with us-all quite well. Martha, Will and the children gone up to the Mill Pond to skate this pm.
27 I went up thro the wood path to where Will is chopping wood. Fine day but quite a heavy wind. Will pulled bushes this afternoon on the blueberry patch.
29 Snow all day yesterday and this morning everything covered. Some quite drifted.
31 Cold day hard walking. The storm came suddenly and we had a snowstorm the most of the day. Archie came and hauled about 3 cords of wood. It looks good. The last night of the year 1923 is going fast.
Jan 1, 1924 Went as far as Grover Eaton’s. David went with me and the boys are happy riding on the sled up to the pasture where Archie is hauling Will’s wood.
2 Letter from Edie last night and paper from Miss Harkness. Cold day today but it seems like a change is on the way. Dark bank at the south.
3 Snow this morning turning to rain. I have commenced a netted bag for Aunt Fannie. Letter from Aunt Sed
5 Cold day. I went to the library, the boys dug a little path so I did not get wet in the snow.
8 Snow all over everything but pleasant. Martha and the three children went up in the pasture where Will is chopping. Carried their dinner—had a picnic.
10 Will and Geo. Hauling wood from the pasture-got a half cord for the library.
11 Just heard that Mrs. Bell is dead.
12 At the library, beautiful day. Olney Grindal and his wife here for the evening. Martha and little Martha went to the dentist’s this am, John and I kept house.
14 Will talked with Maynard about some woodland-he may be willing to sell.
16 Miss Hattie Harding had a severe shock yesterday and I judge is very low.
17 The children and I went up on the ledge. Had a fine walk. Air almost like May.
18 I have been down to Nellie’s to dinner by invitation. Ella was there too-had a nice day.
21 Very cold day all day, heavy wind NW. 5 above at 8 o’clock pm. Most of our family have colds.
22 Coldest day for a long time. 10 below at Mr Foster’s last night. Not as low here but I have shivered all day.
23 More moderate today. I have been up to the pasture as far as the garden today. Pansy caught a rabbit.
27 Coldest yet 13 below on our porch.
31 Hattie Harding died today.
Feb 2 1924 Hattie Harding buried today.
11 I have had an attack of bronchitis. This is my first time downstairs for two weeks-and I feel pretty mean now.
13 Beautiful day- I can’t write for my eyes hurt.
14 Nice day but cold. I have been out of doors for the first time in three weeks.
19 Martha’s birthday. Aunt Fannie sent up a lovely cake.
26 I have been down to the store today and paid my bill for groceries I had when I was sick-$3.88
28 We are alone tonight. Will gone with Mr Hale to Deer Isle to buy clams for the factory.
Mar 5 1924 Great storm of wind and snow all last night. This old house shook and the windows rattled “something scandalous”. It stormed all day today.
6 Fairly good day, Aunt Fannie came up and spent the day with us.
8 I went to the library this pm from 2-4. Only three people in. Pretty muddy but soon it will be over.
17 We all picked out clams for the factory. Will dug them and steamed them here at the house.
18 The children and I went up to Charles Kane’s to hear the radio his store sold to H.B.W. or H.W.S..
20 Charles Kanes store burned to the ground last night. Nothing saved or very little.

Lizzie Billings died at 6 o’clock this morning.

21 Lizzie Billings was buried today.
25 I was invited up to Mrs Bennett’s to supper. Mr Stowell was there and we all went up to the evening service at the chapel.
28 Orren 66 years old today
Apr 11 1924 Sun shining. Will caught fine mess of flounders today.
12 Joey Nolan drowned in the cove this am.
15 Joey Nolan buried today.
16 I’m going down to Aunt Fannie’s today.
18 Home from Aunt Fannie’s had a good visit.
26 Mrs. Bessie Eaton died this morning.
May 1 1924 Very strong wind and drenching rain this morning until noon.

We had a strenuous day. Our chimney burned out and the hackmatack tree by the road broke and fell over.

2 Beautiful day. I have been up to see where they planted a lot of small spruce and pine trees.
5 Velma Brown’s baby born today. Fredrick Joseph.
6 Cemetery meeting at the chapel.
7 Down to Aunt Sed’s today and may stay two nights.
8 I have been down to the foot of my field today.
9 I came home this afternoon. Richard and Herbert came down to come home with me.
10 At the library
12 I have a cold.
14 Doctor came today he said trachiitis. My throat is bad.
17 Came down stairs for a while. Hope to feel pretty well before long. Martha at the library.

Ruby Nell Gray died this noon.

27 Archie and Will ploughed the garden today.
29 Cold, wet weather. Hard season for planting.
June 2 1924 Will and Martha planted the garden today or the largest part of it.
4 Mrs Olney Grindal has a baby boy born today.
5 Martha and little Martha gone to the graduation  S.H.S.
11 Dry and rather cold for this time of year. Our annual meeting (library) this afternoon.
15 Cradle Roll concert at the chapel
16 Edie’s birthday. 66 years so she writes.
Wed 18 I went to the library this evening. Fog thick when I came home. Will had a good fire.
Jul 4 1924 Beautiful day quite a little breeze for any who want to go sailing. Our folks have been strawberrying.
Edie Orren and Russel with us today.

Just heard that Glen Hooper is married to “Bowden”

8 Came home with them this afternoon. Long ride. Foggy this evening.
9 We rode to Camden this am and round the turnpike then down to Oakland Park. Home quite late.
10 I went with Russel up to the cold spring for water-then we went this afternoon up in Orren’s woodlot and to call at Mr Ames’
11 Long ride round the campground at North-Port and thro the City of Belfast-Miss Rhodes went with us.
12 We went to Rockland and to the play.
13 Long ride everywhere
14 Shall go home tomorrow
15 Came home today on the Southport. We started out from Edie’s at a little past three o’clock. Had a fine ride to Rockland.
22 Jennie Grant, Mr Grant and little Parker called
24 Bess and her husband came for a minute. David’s birthday. Four candles on the cake.
25 Zoe Allen and her husband and children called.
29 Clara Simmons visited us today. Charles came over to supper.
30 Mrs Freethey, Mrs Bennett, Miss Flora Sargent, Miss Dodge and myself went to Bar Harbor today with H.W. Sargent. Had a beautiful day, great ride. Saw Jordan Pond and Lafayette Park and much besides.
31 I called at Fausta’s saw Sarah and called at Addies. Martha bot 2 qt. beans dry for 50 cents.
Aug Sat 2 Library for David and me. Martha and the boys went down to Constance’s for a little visit and lunch. Martha went for a boat ride with the Lalor’s. We dressed fine broilers for Mr Webb.
4 I have been for a sail with the Gowers for a sail. The wind did blow and we got some rain while on the way home but had a good time with plenty to eat.
9 At the library and feel tired for I have not been well all last night and today.
11 Went to the chapel this evening to hear Mrs. Sheppard speak on the “Menace of Mormonism”.
14 James P Coombs and wife called for a minute. Henry Cole and wife were with him.
16 Just heard that a baby has come to Wm. Hooper’s house for the daughter, Glen Hooper Bowden.
18 Took Herbert with me to the dentist this morning. Got his 4 poor teeth out. And got my broken one out to.
23 An airplane flew over the house today flying very low.
25 Martha and the children went down to Mrs Friends place to see the airplane. It landed there and waits for the fog to lift.
29 Richard’s birthday 7 and we are at the cabin for our dinner (picnic). All very nice and he says he is satisfied.
31 Herbert run over by an automobile.
Sep 1 1924 Herbert was hurt bad and is in bed today. No bones broken but scratched and bruised from head to foot. His back is worst of all.
2 Herbert is comfortable if he lies quiet. Sore and weak.
3 Herbert is better we think. Looking for the doctor.

Will came today.

5 Dr Bliss came this afternoon. He says Herbert is all right but it will take time for his back to heal.
8 Beautiful day but quite cold Martha picked 2 qt blueberries and brot down a cauliflower
10-Wed I have been at the library-one Wed evening more there for the year- Will has hurt his

foot with a pickax

12 Received an invitation for Catherine’s wedding to be the 27th her father’s birthday
14 John’s first birthday-one year old
27 Went to Catherine’s wedding at 3pm. Mr Stowell offered prayer and Mr Drew perfomed the ceremony. Very brief-everything was nice
Oct 6 1924 Fair day Clara and Lucy Peters called on us.
7 Rain storm this evening Mrs Billings and family started for N. Y. today
10 Richard has been to school. He is sleeping with me tonight.
11 I have been to the library this afternoon, only a few in but I had work to do on the new books. They are all ready for the catalog numbers
12 Sunday School and an address by Miss Dowell, a returned mission from the Philipine Islands
14 I went up to the Chapel CE meeting
17 I went over to Mrs HW Sargent’s in the afternoon and down to Mrs Sweet’s in the evening
21 Went to the CE meeting this evening. Only 7 present
22 Will started to go fishing with Guy
25 I picked a __berry blossom today and saw numberless grasshoppers like as in a summer day
29 Strong wind-we used our last ripe tomato this morning.  Will’s fish drying fine

Went down to Aunt Sed’s this afternoon.

31 friday Just home from Aunt Sed’s

I an going up to Miss Brown’s “the house by the side of the road” for a Sunday School lesson- Miss Marion Wilson teacher

10 I have been down to Aunt Sed’s stayed to dinner
12 Pleasant but very dry. We do need the rain to stop fires. None very near us
15 Archie plowed our garden while I was at the library
17 Cold this morning 18 above when Will got up about 6 oclock. 10 above at 9 oclock. Too cold to go to Ellsworth as Mrs Sweet intended to do and had invited me to go.
18 The children, Martha Richard and Herbert with myself took dinner at Addie’s. Too rough for Martha and John. Wind very high.
20 Roll call at the church I went down with Nellie stayed to the supper and a minister from Bar Harbor showed us beautiful pictures.
25 tues I went to the CE meeting quite a number there
Dec 2 1924 CE meeting this evening quite good attendance. I passed nine closed houses on my way to the Chapel
4 Mrs Betsey Billings was found dead in bed this morning.
10 I went down to Aunt Sed’s today
11 Stayed with Aunt Sed last night and came home this pm
15 Coldest yet with strong winds. Reach full of white caps
18 Martha got the pine and fir for the Christmas wreaths
19 I made 6 Christmas wreaths today and cut cloth for a fir pillow. Will brot the fir tree down
20 Cold cold Will made a fire at the library Martha went up and cataloged the cards and I went up for two hours.
25 Herbert and Hattie came over to dinner and Christmas tree with us. Had a good dinner and a good tree
On the back of the page—Augusta Flora Foster

Joseph Frederick Brown

Jan 3 1925 Will went to the library

Mrs Dora Sargent died last night

9 The boys have not been to school for this week they have a hard cough
12 Very cold day.

Another house closed HW Sargent and Percy went away today.

14 The ice men expect to go tomorrow
15 About 50 men left here today for New Jersey to work on the ice. Will went they are from Sedgwick, Brooklin and Sargentville I think.
17 The children made a path and I went to the library. Pleasant day but snowy
19 Very cold ice making at the foot of the Reach
20 Still severe cold more frost and frozen earth in our cellar than has been for some years
21 Just heard that Sadie Gray died last night-and Roland is in New Jersey gone to work on the ice a telephone (sic) has been sent to him
23 Roland got home yesterday
24 We got Vinal Robbins to take care of the library today
Feb 8 1925 I have been sick, downstairs for the first time in two weeks today.
10 Feel pretty mean
19 Martha’s birthday chilly wind and some sign of a storm. Little Martha came home from school sick. Bad cold.
23 Rain all day. Martha over to Addies to dinner. The children and I had a good time reading but glad when she got home
28 Will came home tonight.
Mar 2 1925 I have been to the village today and had the last tooth out.

Chilly wind slight earthquake Sat night

6 George came with his oxen and hauled three loads of wood.
10 Little Martha sick in bed. Doctor came and left medicine
16 Martha’s eighth baby a boy born today-Edward Roger
17 They have named the new boy Edward Roger
28 Orren’s 67th birthday. Will gone to Boston today
Apr 21 1925 Just heard that Flora Sargent had gone to Bluehill to the hospital
22 Flora Sargent died today at the Memorial Hospital in Bluehill.
24 Flora buried today
28 Charles Hooper worked here today cleaning and he is good help
May 6 1925 Dr came today and left-medicine all round. Richard is a lot better-all right Dr says
18 All of us are some better of our grippe and colds toothache and earache and neuralgia yes a good deal better
19 Wrote Dr Moulton today to see if he can mend my glasses
27 Just heard that Sarah Stover died suddenly this morning
29 Martha went to Mrs Stover’s funeral Fausta called this evening. I planted beet seed in my garden.
Jun 2 1925 Blanch called this evening she said that Mrs Billings is dead.
5 Called on Mrs Conroy and Celia. Mrs Billings died May 30 and was buried in Otis last Wed I think
8 Tues Will came home Saturday 6th They washed today, big job.
9 Will and Martha cleaned the library today.
11 Went down to Aunt Sed’s stayed all night-had a fine ride home with Clinton and Constance
15 Will went to Dark Harbor this pm
20 Will came home today for a day
22 Will went back to Dark Harbor tonight
24 Wed I was at the library this evening-cool when I came home  Martha had the porch light on and a fire
Jul 18 1925 I have been over to Grace’s she gave a reception in honor of her mother’s 71st birthday.

Will came home tonight

24 David’s fifth birthday dinner at the cabin. I stayed at Mrs Gower’s an hour this evening while they went to Brooklin
25 Martha and I went on a motor boat ride up to Bluehill Bay and back.  Guests of Louis Gower. Fine sail plenty of dinner, he is a host who provides large
Aug 8 Addie’s 72nd birthday and we gave her a party eleven of us. We had a good time.
10 Martha picked the peas and we shelled enough for 7 jars.
11 Hattie spent the day with us.
17 Blue day for me. I have been sort of discouraged all day.
18 Picked peas this pm Almost the last we shall have
21 Went downto Aunt Seds for a call. Clinton Cole brot me home after a nice lunch at the “log cabin”
29 Sat Will home tonight

Mrs Sweet went away Tuesday for a year in Europe

31 Will going to work on the corn in Vermont-may go tomorrow
Sep 2 I went down to Aunt Fannie’s today the boys came to meet me and we all got a ride home with Walter Cousins
3 The children went down to my field for a picnic
7 Sold my red rug to Mrs Lalor
15 The children went to the schoolhouse but Chester is sick so no school.
24 Martha has painted the kitchen floor
Oct 16 1925 The Harding house burned last night-or rather this morning Cause of fire unknown
30 fri At Miss Browns Sunday School lesson class. Quite a number there.
Nov 2 Dyed some things with bark Martha got for me up in the pasture
3 Made molasses cookies and a pie
5 Clara Simmons visited us today
24 We killed and dressed two ducks and I made a spice cake and a mince pie.
26 Thanksgiving Day and we had the ducks, pies vegetables, stuffed dates and cranberry sauce. Herbert ate dinner with us
27 Heard that Mr Herrick had had a shock . and that Cecil Hooper had crushed his finger in a cider mill, too bad
28 Will gone across the Reach with a passenger. Herbert sick.
29 Herbert has Scarlet Fever
30 Herbert is doing well the doctor says house is quarantined.

Just heard of Mrs Herbert Youngs death.

Dec 2 Herbert getting along well Richard sick today, no sign of fever yet I hope there will be none. Aunt Fannie sent nice box tonight.
4 Dr came today and inocculated the three oldest children hoping they may escape the fever.
5 Herbert has a hard cough.
6 Herbert is better some
10 John and Edward both have colds. Edward is the worst. Dr says bronchitis
12 Edward very sick all night-and all day he rested a bit this afternoon. Dr came says he has bronchial pneumonia
15 Edward quite a bit better. Slept well last night
Jan 16 1926 Will at the library, some snow. The boys shoveled a path. Little Martha some better from her grippe.
18 Will started for New Jersey. Boys home from school not feeling well
19 I have a horrid “stitch” in my hip.
21 Boys feeling better this morning but not going to school. Sent Edie small package.
28 Snow blowing and some new snow falling. Boys came home at noon and did not go back to school—too tough
Feb 1 1926 I have burned my hand and it is quite sore. Dr says it is infected.
6 Martha got Vinal to go to the library
8 Martha gone to school first time since November.

My hand is better- not quite well

10 Mrs Byard has had a shock and is very low.
13 Got Vinal for the library.

Mrs Byard died last night.

14 Mrs Byard’s funeral
15 Tough snowstorm over all we had. Richard had a hard time getting up to the hen pen snow up to his waist.
16 Some ice in the Reach
17 Fair-lots of snow all piled up around us here. Ice gone from the Reach so Mr Grant told us.
22 Washington’s birthday and the boys thot there should not be school but there was so they went.
Feb 1 1926 Heard that Arthur Robbins has gone to Blue Hill Hospital
2 Arthur Robbins died this morning at the hospital
4 Will arrived home this morning
6 Will at the library
Mar 8 1926 Went down to Aunt Fannies this morning on the stage, found her sick with a gathering  in her ear, but better than she had been. Stayed all night.
12 Went down with Aunt Sed this morning and saw all her beautiful Christmas gifts. We came back to Aunt Fannie’s for the night.
13 I came home on this mornings stage- and went to the library this afternoon. Snow is deep and not melting much.
17 Martha and little Martha at the dentist
19 Fine day-quite a halo around the sun. The children thot it was a rainbow and it did look like one
23 Went down to the dentist for an impression for lower teeth. Dinner at Florence’s  Home on the stage.

Effie Wardwell married last week.

29 Cold cold. Will is shoveling through a foot and a half of snow to get to his ladder. I shall try to go over to Addie’s but I am not well-bad cold.
Apr 2 1926 Fine day with sunshine. Good to see it but the traveling must be awful. I have not been out my eye is bad.
13 Can’t write much sore throat and very hoarse
14 Feel some better but have sore eyes-can’t look.
15 Eyes sore but a little better. The children have all had the same trouble, but worse than mine if anything
19 Will in Boston next Friday
22 Just heard that Mrs Grace Grant died this morning
27 Mrs White, Hattie Nevells and Mrs France called. Mrs F had a big grass fire this morning so she told us.
May 13 1926 Aunt Sed and Aunt Fannie up for a short visit
21 Martha and I went down to Sedgwick Evening service of teacher’s institute we went with Mr Sargent had a very fine evening
22 Charles Billings planting our garden  Cold weather for the season ice on Fred’s dressing pile and on Mrs Dority’s sawdust pile.
30 Memorial service at the chapel children and Martha gone this evening
June 5 Sick in bed for two days and better today and downstairs. Cold tonight and papers say frost all over New England last night
12 Will came this morning; it seems like summer out of doors we have had so much cold weather it is good to feel the warmth
14 Will went back today
17 Mrs Butler worked here did a big washing. Fine day
23 Mrs Swift called
25 Mrs Clapp, Catherine and Abbie called. Lalors came today
26 I have been to the library. The Lalor’s carriage came for the plants today
29 I went to Aunt Fannie’s today and shall stay all night
30 Came home this afternoon, the children came down to meet me- called at Constance’s had a nice visit
July 28 Library, we went to the library this afternoon for our annual meeting but there were not enough there for a quorum Next meeting is to be the last Wed in August
Aug 12 Hot day I went to Brooklin with Aunt Fannie, Jennie Parker and Royal Had a nice ride, saw Gertrude
16 Martha’s baby Mary born today at about 10 o’clock
17 All doing well
18 Mrs Pert and I did the washing as Mrs Butler is not coming
Sep 9 1926 Will came home today
11 Edie Orren and Russel came this morning about 9 o’clock and spent the day with us went home about 4 o’clock pm
15 I went down to Aunt Fannie’s this pm, will stay tonight.

Will went to Vermont to work at the corn canning factory.

16 Came home this pm got a ride with Howard Allen and 6 other young men.  Came home in style.
17 I went to Aunt Fannie’s and shall spend the night with her had a good visit. Had a ride down with Abbie.
18 Got a ride with Laurence H. home this morning. I have been in the library this afternoon.
21 Mrs Mary Hooper was buried today. I went to the funeral.
22 I have felt sick all day headache and sore throat
23 Dr came this morning and gave me medicine
24 My back aches and I am afraid I can’t write
25 Dr says better but I am weak
26 I have been downstairs a part of the day.
Oct 2 1926 Paid insurance  $22.40.  Will got home from Vermont
22 Hattie Nevells visited us today
23 Martha and the children went down to the orchard to see about gathering the apples
Nov 2 1926 I went down to Aunt Sed’s this afternoon. Shall stay tonight and perhaps tomorrow.
4 Came home this morning got a ride with John Cooper
6 Beautiful day. I have been up on the ledges and thru the birches for a little walk
8 Mrs Sweet invited me to go to Ellsworth. Had a good ride not cold but foggy
13 My birthday. 76 We had roast deer, carrots, squash, potatoes, turnip and nice salad in cabbage cups for dinner. Deer killed in our pasture by L J Gray
17 Aunt Sed had a shock today or rather some time last night-Aunt Fannie found her unconscious this morning.
18 She is no better today—I have been down
24 Sed passed away this am at 6:30 very peacefully—she has not suffered apparently—I am at Aunt Fannies tonight
25 Came home this afternoon
26 Funeral today out of “The Homestead”. How I shall miss her.
Dec  17 1926 Just got word that Mrs Sweet died yesterday.  Another good friend gone.
24 Six stockings hung in a row on the fireplace filled with nuts, candy, books, handkerchiefs and an orange for Mary.  Big tree covered with pretty things upstairs
30 Just heard that John Cooper was married also that Elizabeth Herrick was married
31 Last day of the year and none of us are sick in bed.
Names and dates on the reverse of the journal pages Dec 1926:

Lloyd Byard Feb 3 1917

Clifton S. Hooper March 22 1912

Betsey Irene Grindal June 6 1911

Martha Simmons Sept 28 1914

Lida Estelle Pert Oct 20 1916

David A. Simmons July 24 1920

John W. Simmons Sept 14 1923

Janet F. Webb Dec 17 1921

Rebecca M. Bowden April 12 1923

Augusta F. Foster Oct. 19 1922

Charles W. Webb March 19 1923

Arthur B. Decker (?sp.) April 17 1923

Frederick J. Brown May 5 1924

Olney M. Grindal June 4 1924

Evelyn L. Hooper April 6 1913

Calvin F. Hooper May 8 1916

Mary D. Hooper Oct 27 1914

Helen Adelaid Higgins July 5 1916

Richard Simmons Aug 29 1917

George Crosby Keay Oct 8 1925

Kenneth Cecil Hooper Jan 14 1926

ElizabethM. Bowden Aug 16 1924

Dorothy F Billings Aug 6 1924

Edward Roger Simmons March 16 1925

Louise Billings April 30 1919

Hebert R. Grindal Sept 23 1921

George E. Haskell Oct 19 1921

Madeline Louise Bowden May 28 1925

Herbert N. Simmons Nov 14 1918

Cecil O Hooper

Frank Robbins Feb 22 1920

Ralph Gray March 1 1922

Charles K Foster July 17 1924

Kenneth Grindal Sept 18 1924

Helen Louise Haskell Oct 10 1924

Jan 3 1927 Will sawed some big spruce with large knots good for fire. My eye is bad and I can’t do much work
4 Twisted my yarn, letter from Edie
7 Letter from Aunt Fannie all well there
8 Bright sunshine. We went over to Guys last night to hear music over the radio
13 Telegram this morning states that Herbert died there at 10 o’clock am signed Snug Harbor.
15 Will home today. Herberts body coming by express.
17 Herbert’s funeral today
27 Just heard that Lydia Russel has died. Mrs Daniels died some little time ago.
Feb 14 1927 I hear that Mr Beadle is at home from the sea

Just heard that Lucia Sargent Means is dead in Portland.

23 Children have whooping cough
Mar 10 1927 Just heard that Helen Higgins is dead in North Carolina.  She perished in the snowstorm of a week ago.
18 Children all gaining some from whooping cough
21 Boys gathering sap from our maple trees. Snowstorm this afternoon.

Sewed a little on my rug.

24 I went down to Harriet’s yesterday morning and spent the night-home this afternoon
25 Surprise party at Charles Simmons’
Apr 2 1927 Worked on my brown rug
5 Frank Billings’ birthday 74 years old
7 Stayed with Aunt Fannie last night Home this morning got milk at Wyer Grant’s. Surprise party at Mrs Dodge’s this afternoon.
16 Fire back of Mr Byard’s and across almost to Twin Oaks- under control after hand fighting
18 Will starts for Boston tomorrow. Just heard that Lyman Robbins is married
19 Will gone, went this afternoon.
22 Little Edward is real sick, so is Mary. I am afraid of bronchitis.
23 Just heard that Mr Herrick died this morning.
25 Came down to Aunt Fannie’s yesterday, Shall stay a week if all goes well.
26 Came home yesterday afternoon. Edward quite sick.  Dr says bronchitis
29 Edward and Mary better but not quite well yet
May 6 1927 I have made over 5 pairs of stockings for John and Edward and one for David
16 Martha did a big washing. I dyed one pair of stockings and three pairs of mittens for xmas. Have to start early.
21 Richard and Martha gone to Sedgwick for a hat.
28 Just heard that Llewellyn Beedle and Elizabeth Hooper are married
30 Memorial Day address by Mr Weeks-excellent. Martha and the children have walked up to the Herricks today. Edward Mary and I at home
Jun2 1927 Spent the day with Aunt Inez and Velma-had a good day. Archie plowed our garden
3 Mr Hooper has planted our garden. I am going to plant a few scarlet beans.
7 Daniel Eaton died I think sometime today.
14 Boys went clamming. Brot home a hodfull.

I made soft-soap

15 We trimmed back some hackmatack trees near the waterhole.
18 Will home for a day
20 Will went this afternoon
21 We went down to the wharf to see the “New Sunbeam”- beautiful boat.
24 We had dinner at the cabin veal chop potato mustard greens lettuce raisin bread cookies
Jul 1 1927 Constance came for our rugs $25 for Martha’s three and 14 for my two
4 The children and Martha had a sail with Henry Cole I had a nice ride with Gertrude and Mrs Gower later.
5 Rode to Ellsworth with Gertrude and her husband and Ella and Lydia  fine ride got home about 5 o’clock
8 Had a long ride thru Brooklin with Gertrude her husband and Mrs Gower.
18 Had a call from Fred Gower, also from Aunt Inez, Martha Foster and two children and Mrs Thurston
20 David brot me a bunch of flowers, a white rose, a red rose, a white scented pink and a wild rose. They are on my table.
24 David’s birthday 7 years old
Aug 5 1927 Got Mrs Poole’s rug off today
24 Heavy rain storms all day followed by high wind. All the trees bending and swaying Dahlias all bent and nearly broken till Martha tied them up.
27 I went down to the Homestead Richard went with me.  Bess and her husband brot us home in the car
29 Richards birthday and we all watched him open his box and all had some of the treat
Sep 12 1927 Edie, Orren and Russel came this morning will stay with us tonight.
13 I went back with them to Lincolnville
20 Home today came from Lincolnville this morning to Rockland and over on the steamer Westport.
21 Will came home today.
27 Ripped some second hand clothes
29 Sewed on buttons, ripped some more clothes and mended some seams Called at Hattie’s and Clara’s.
Oct 3 Came down to Aunt Fan’s yesterday shall stay here tonight
4 Still at Fannie’s Shall stay till Rufus comes for her.  8:30-home
5 Ripped up a lot of things. Some for rugs and some for remaking.
7 Made pickles canned beans bot paper for sitting room
10 Sewed on buttons and braided a yard or two.
12 Mended some and sewed buttons on the boys underclothes
15 sewed on some buttons and braided a little on my rug,

Julian Moore died this morning

18 went down to Aunt Fannies
19 Bot paper for the bedroom
21 Came home with Rufus in the car had a good visit
22 Sewed on 18 buttons on the boys pants
25 I fell yesterday “downstairs” have lots of bruises and my shoulder is the worst
26 I am so lame and helpless. Can’t do much but am thankful it is not worse
28 Did odd jobs mkade up my bed  Hurt my arm and shoulder but it had to be done
Nov 1 1927 Wonderful warm day. Went up to the ledges. Just like summer.
11 They papered the bedroom yesterday. It looks fine
16 Aunt Fannie came up for the day. I expect to go home with her for a few days.
17 Walked up to Miss Brown’s for the Bible class.
Dec 1 1927 Went to the Bible class for this afternoon or started to found Miss Brown packing to go away, but I had a fine call
16 Hard snowstorm tonight- lights out- writing by candlelight
23 Children have colds and mine seems to renew itself
24 We are getting gifts ready for the tree at the Chapel
25 I did not go to the Chapel tree and none of the children went except Martha colds not much better
28 Little Mary seems to have quite a cold
29 Mary quite sick
Jan 3 1928 Philips baby born about Dec 31
On back of journal page:

Three quarter century

Mrs Clara Bowden

Mr Frank Billings

Mrs Dora Currier

Miss Lida Cousins

Mrs Clara Clapp

Mrs Sarah Grindal

Miss Mary Milliken

Mr Henry Sargent

Mr Charles Simmons Sept 9 1846

Mrs Charles Simmons

Capt Charles Haskell 1851

D Groves Eaton April 9 1853

Mrs Addie France Aug 8 1853

Mrs Edgar Robbins July 22 1847

21 Reach white with vapor. I am not well but have braided a little on my rug.
Feb 2 1928 Will’s birthday. We had a big cake with candles
7 Martha and Will going down to F Hardings birthday party-64th
8 Herbert Johnson Grindal spent part of the day with us
17 I have been to the store, got my gray yarn for Christmas knitting
29 I went over to Hatties for a two day visit
Mar 3 Came home today found all well
6 Martha and the boys clearing up and cutting bushes and trimming trees up in the pasture
7 They had Herbert Young buried today
10 Heard of Della Dority’s death
24 Went over to Mrs Dority’s. Mrs Spooner very low
28 Mrs Spooner died last night.
29 Mrs Spooner buried today
Apr 7 1928 I have been laid up with a stitch in my hip, first time down stairs for over a week
Apr 8 Sun Will to Boston today
May 5 We all went up to the pasture and set anew the stakes at the corners that had rotted off
7 A card from Elsie Thurston tells me that her mother has died and the funeral is today.
9 Aletha Orcutt at the house for the night
12 Boys went for milk at WGS picked two bushels of dandelions went clamming, went fishing got their fill- able to jump over the pasture bars. All but David, he could only jump over the wash bench.
13 I have been knitting on boys stockings for Christmas. Shall stay with Fannie this week.
15 Went down to the foot of my field.
17 Walked around the Holden place
16 Aunt Fannie and I are living very quietly and happily-at least I am and I think she is
18 Florence came up and we went down to the Homestead.
20 Came home today
Jun 25 I started for Portland in the afternoon to see Dr Mullin for glasses
30 Left Annie’s for home this morning at 11 o’clock
Jul 12 Clara spent the day with us
13 All my rugs are gone, sold, glad to get them out of the house. Began another one immediately
19 Mrs Gower’s birthday 74  party for her at Mrs Danforth’s
24 David’s birthday He had his box this morning a nice knife and harmonica from his father
Aug 6 Mrs Irving Nevells and her two sons called today.
14 Hot, everybody sweltering. 92 at noon. I left my bed and slept on the sitting room lounge.
Sep 1 Sold our silk rug for $20
6 Jennie Webb died this pm
12 Martha is at Mrs Sweets afternoons and quite late
26 Just heard that Capt John Bennett is dead at Sailor Snug Harbor
Oct 4 Edward seems sick, pain in stomach
5 Edward about the same
8 Edward a little easier
13 Will came today called the doctor he is afraid of appendicitis for Edward
14 Took Edward to hospital in Bluehill
Nov 10 Edward and Martha home from the hospital today – I am so thankful- he seems to be doing well
Jan 1 Martha Will and Richard gone to Sedgwick for the speaking contest
26 Snow all over the ground this morning. Not deep so the boys went skating
Feb 9 Malvina’s birthday  79
Mar 25 Have not been able to write for some time on account of eye trouble
Apr 3 At Clara’s bot a plate she says it is one that Sally Harding gave her a long time ago
6 Will started for Neponcet to join Yacht Wanderer
23 Vaccinations on the children all doing well
27 Boys will go fishing and clamming first time since their vaccinations
30 Just heard of the death of Fred Allen, Edith’s father
May 8 Albert and Effie came up for me tonight and I am to stay with Aunt Fannie all night
22 The pig arrived yesterday. Hope he grows
Jun 6 Martha Richard Herbert and Martha 2nd gone to village for the graduation S>H>S>
15 Mrs Gower came today. Also the Norton’s at Mrs sweets
18 Capt Chatto died in Rockland. Buried today from the Chapel. Just heard that Charles Pert has died.
21 John Thurston died this morning.
Jul 6 Sat Will home for a day
13 Martha and the children up to the cabin.  Boys trying to paint garden swing Richard fell and spilled the paint he is not hurt and I am glad of it.
22 Sent my bond to Ellsworth
26 Will home for a night goes back tomorrow
Aug 1 Severe hail and thunderstorm window glass broken Rhubarb and squash leaves shot through as with bullets, trees broken, ground covered with leaves and branches. I have never known of anything like it, Martha at 8 o’clock  this Friday morning brings in a piece of frozen together hail at times as large as a ___-The boys picked up hail stones as large as pullets eggs. This morning the boys brought in a panfull of hailstones as large as big walnuts.
4 Will home for a night
6 Play at Edgehill barn. Martha 2nd went
18 Will home
19 Marsha went to Ocean Park today.

Will went back to join his yacht-Wanderer

20  Harriet Cole married in the church to Rev. Eugene Stover.  I was there shall stay with Sadie tonight
21 Home this morning
22 Will home for tonight.  We canned apples today.
23 Will went back early today
30 Will home tonight-goes back tomorrow
31 Martha home all safe from Ocean Park
Sep 5 1929 Came to Fannies tonight. Shall stay a week or so.
12 Home tonight
18 Sent rug this morning
20 Walked up on the big ledge and to the garden
23 Robbins House burned Saturday night 2 o’clock
27 Fri Will home this morning
Oct 2 1929 Check came for my rug. Just heard that Mrs Nathan Wood has a new baby boy.
4 Fri Will home for a weekend stay. He hopes to get the wood in tomorrow
12 Martha and the children gathered our apples today
15 Martha gone to Bar Harbor with Mrs Barbour
19 Rug off to Chicago
24 Martha 2nd frosting little cakes-her teacher gone to Portland for school convention
Nov 11 Just heard that E. P. Clapp is married
18 I have a bad cold.

The first snow of the season Tough day. Martha started a coal fire.

19 Martha is stitching my Christmas aprons
23 Sat Will came home this am
27 Thanksgiving and we are glad-we have goose and vegetables, mince pie in the cupboard if we want it.
29 Fri Cold and very windy. Will came this morning.
30 How the wind blows and it is cold, cold, cold. Will has just put the stove in the sitting room and has a great fire.
Dec 7 1929 Basketball team of Stonington here, one girl is with us for the night
13 School will close this afternoon the children have a tree at the school house
14 Sat Will has the day at home
31 Last day of the year and the snow is deep around us
Paid tax  $33.61
Feb 11 1930 Mrs Clapps birthday and six of us elderly women were invited there to dinner. We had a good day.
14 Richard got clams today-we had them for dinner
15 Thirty two years since the sinking of the Maine
17 4 below zero on our porch this morning, snow deep
Mar 1 1930 Mrs Robbins died last night  age 83 years
10 Will started back to Camden
11 Ella White 80 years
12 Last night heavy thunder shower with sharp lightening we hear that it struck Hugh Brown’s house.
13 Gertrude Orcutt over for short visit.

Martha has been up to Hugh’s found that Hugh was all right today but was quite unconscious from the lightening Tuesday night.

Just heard that the Court House at Ellsworth was burned last night and two firemen killed. Hope there is some mistake in this report.

Report confirmed, men killed when cupola fell.

22 Sat Will home for 2 days
29 John Edward Mary and I went up on the ledge yesterday, had a good walk tired some
31 Will gone to Camden, they tried to burn the blueberries too wet to do a good job.
Apr 3 Over to Hatties’
4 Stayed here with Hattie last night
5 Visited Clara today stay tonight with Hattie
6 Home
14 Will at home began on window in boys room
15 I have begun on brown rug
26 Will home about 4 o’clock, goes back tomorrow. I am working on my brown rug
30 Clara died today. Another good friend gone.
May 2 Clara’s funeral this afternoon.

Mrs Sinney’s remains brot from Machiasnmand taken to Deer Isle for burial

9 Fire still burning in Camden, we see the blaze at night and smoke in the morning.
10  Still very dry weather. Forest fires in many places
12 Fires raging and no rain in sight
13 Rain beginning with heavy thunder and continuing most of the night.
17 Finished brown rug begun the 15th April
19 All gone to the school play except John, Mary and I. I have begun on a rug  shall we make one with three rings
24 I have not done half I wanted to but all I could; sewed a little on my rug called on Mrs Clapp
30 Boys started to go fishing this a.m. found boat missing hunted shores to Harrimans they are disappointed
31 Herbert went to the shore early and found the boat, and they have caught 70 flounders and got 2 ½ quarts clams.  Some of their catch sold and all their clams
Jun 2 Down to Aunt Fannie’s to stay a few days. I came last night great storm of wind with some thunder. Trees blown down and some barns unroofed
9 Mrs Swift called to look at rugs
26 Hot, hot today- airplane flying over the house this afternoon
28 Family gone for a picnic over to the Point
Jun 4 The folks went to the beach for a picnic. I staid alone, had a good dinner.
8 Finished the rug I began May 19th. I think it is sold if the woman doesn’t change her mind
11 Albert Byard hoeing our garden with two horses
14 Been out to collect money to pay for mowing the Settler’s Rest.  Saw Miss Brown’s beautiful flower beds
Jul 21 Just heard that George Haskell died this morning
Aug 1 Very dry weather, our garden needs rain.

Measured the well. Found 4 ½ feet of water

11 Good big rainstorm

Will home for a week, it seems good to have him

20 Slept at the “Homestead” last night. I wanted to go over to the four acre field but do not feel able today
21 Muriel brot me home tonight-I had a good visit with Sadie
28 Sold blue rug yesterday $10
Sep 4 Measured the well yesterday 3 feet 11 inches. Edie, Orren Russel and Miss Rhodes came and spent the day. I was glad to see them
9 Finished red and gray rug started July 30
17 Thick fog this morning and all last night. But no rain. I have done odd jobs darned stockings, sewed on buttons, mended sweaters.  Measured the well 3 feet 6 inches, the lowest ever
26 Dry weather leaves falling from the trees our garden is most all dried up, water low in wells around town
27 Rain today and still raining at 7 o’clock pm. Too late to do our garden any good but will help fill the wells which are so low.
Oct 1 1930 Just heard that Mary Milliken died last night

Will is home for a week

2 Will began digging up the water pipe

Very dry weather, many wells dry

3 Beautiful day but too dry yet. We need rain.

Charles Billings and Will working on trench for pipe.

10 Fri Will home tonight
11 Pipe for well came today
14 Charles Billings is helping Will fill the ditch
15 Rain today and very welcome it is. There are so many fires
16 Rain all day. It will do so much good in putting out the fires and filling the wells.

There is now 2 feet 11 inches in our well. The lowest ever.

18 Some rain today not much boys got their clams but they could not gather apples too well. I have braided some on my silk rug.
Nov 6 Will started early this morning for Stacyville with Guy F. for a hunting trip. I am afraid of guns but he is not.
11 Will came late tonight he had a good time and I am glad he could go. He had a long hard summer.
17 Maine Savings Bank last balance-3263.49
18 Will went to Camden yesterday
24 Ethel Herrick and Ronald Byard married Saturday evening 22nd.
Dec 6 Children skating on the Mill Pond
25 Christmas tree all glittering in our sitting room. Well loaded too and all the stockings (seven) hung and filled tonight
Endowment fund for Sargentville library  $475.00
31 Last day of 1930 great snowstorm and everything is piled. Trees are beautiful in thick fleecy blankets of white—goodby 1930
Jan 1 First day of the year and now we write it 1931. Fine snowstorm and everything out of doors is covered and piled up. Exceedingly beautiful
2 Nice day but lots of snow. I am trying to finish red rug. It is slow work but most done
10 Quite a mild day and the children played outside in the snow-built a snow fort.

Wyer G. Grant died this morning

15 Will home for three days. Children, four of them, laid up with stomach trouble
Nov 16 Poor little Arnold Brown died yesterday at 4 o’clock at the hospital in Bangor.
25 James Bayard died I believe this date
Dec 23 Frank Billings died
25 Christmas Day and the tree a fine one. Children all had pretty things
28 Patty back to Castine
Jan4 Mon Will started for Camden
9 Will and the boys went to Sedgwick to see the basketball game
13 Martha talked to Will tonight. He May have lost his job on the Wanderer.
15 Will home about 5 o’clock He is to stay with the yachts on half-pay two months and then he will be home.
18 Will went back to Camden
22 Fri Charles Simmons died this morning
28 We look for Patty home tomorrow

Little colder and the wind blows fiercely. The Reach is a mass of whitecaps

Feb 4 Mr Bowden hauled some of our wood, Radio calls for rain tonight
5 Mr Bowden finished hauling our wood from the Deep Bridge lot
12 Squirrels climbing into Mrs Sweets home and scattering all movables about. Such a mess.  I have a cold
19 Martha’s birthday 48. Will and Patty came tonight
28 Kenneth Brown died this morning
Mar 1 Kenneth buried today
Apr 9 Sat Will and the boys burned their piles of brush tonight. Good job
13 Wed Martha and Will went to Sedgwick church to attend funeral of Rachie Jordan who died last Sunday in Poughkeepsie, New York
May 11 Will cutting a maple tree for Frederick Sweet, a big one
23 Will took me for a ride to Caterpillar Hill had a nice ride
30 We went up to Forest Home Cemetery yesterday and for a short ride afterward
Jun 11 I have been to Bluehill today with Martha Will Edward and Mary we bot groceries at an A and P
Jul 7 Family all gone up to the pond for a bath
22 Will and Martha went over to Bluehill to see Dr Bliss about David’s throat. He has to have tonsils removed
25 Mon David went to Bluehill for operation on his tonsils. Will and Martha went with him  They came home tonight. David seems to be doing well
29 “Sunbeam” in at the wharf. Mr Guptil will speak at the chapel Sunday evening
Aug 1 Martha and all the children gone for sail and picnic on the Sunbeam, to Dark Harbor.
3 The family gone to Ellsworth to see the dentist about Edwards tooth. It aches and his face is badly swollen
13 Boys caught mackerel this morning
17 Martha canning mackerel both spiced and plain boiled. The boys caught 88 last night.
30 Annie Anderson, Winslow and his wife and little daughter have been here, gone home this morning.
Sep 5 Family all except Patty and me gone to Bluehill to see the fair and the fireworks
13 Tonight the little children and Martha have gone to Castine with Patty, to begin her 2nd year at the Normal School.
16 Will gone to Ellsworth to see about the theft of his car July 13
Oct 21 Will at work on the foundation of the library
26 Patty home tonight to stay until Sunday night
Nov 11 Downstairs for the first time for almost two weeks I have had a very bad cold and sore throat
16 Miss Lida Cousins birthday
Jan 26 Fausta Dodge died
30 Mon Just heard that Frank Harding died last night.
31 Will chopping up on the Deep Bridge lot
Feb 1 Frank Harding buried today
3 Patty home tonight for the weekend. Her room mate Miss Myrick came with her all the family now are up in the woods-carried dinner and will cook meat up there for the whole ten. A real woods dinner.
7 Sarah Cooper Ash dead in Bar Harbor
9 Sarah Cooper Ash buried today
Mar 9 Edward has chicken pox, not sick but out of school for the week
May 20 Very dry weather. Fires everywhere. Vinal Haven burning tonight. They are carrying water to our garden every night
29 We all went up to the cemetery Forest Home and down to Settler’s Rest
30 Pheasants are destroying our garden and something is carrying off the ducks eggs
Jun 15 David, Will Martha and Richard gone to Castine this evening to attend the graduation at E. S. N. S.
24 Folks gone to Bluehill for groceries
Jul 13 Will carried me over to Hattie’s in the morning yesterday and came for me at night. I had a good day
17 Constance and little Constance called
24 Family went raspberrying. Brot home 15 baskets
29 Folks started for Surry but the car got stalled in Bluehill. They got home safe with Capt Freethy
31 All the family except Patty and I gone on “Sunbeam” for a sail around Deer Island
Sep 4 Dr Hagerthy died last night 9:30 o’clock
6 All the family except me gone to Bar Harbor for the day
Jan 1 Will has this week more of vacation so have the children
2 Fell and hurt my side bad. Can’t write much, too lame
5 Church roll call tomorrow, I have sent a message, Psalms 91:2
6 Will had to go back to Camden today. I worked some on postage stamps
10 Just heard of Lizzie Dow’s death
11 Will came brot Patty
14 Will went back to Camden last night and took Patty to E.B.
17 Will caught smelts. Mr Pollard spent the evening with us
24 Terrible storm all last night and today. Radio says “the worst blizzard all over the country. 17 inches in New York.
25 No mail today or yesterday, no school, roads impassable snow plow came through this pm.
26 Reach frozen people crossing. Edward and John walked across the Reach today unbeknownst to us
30 Boys at Bluehill for basketball
Feb 1 Boys at Southwest Harbor for basketball
8 Boys play basketball against Franklin
9 Will took the boys to Ellsworth for basketball, Patty took Miss Long home to spend the weekend
12 No school today as Mr Gray, the teachers husband is ill
Mar 10 Edward’s birthday-10 years old
18 Will started for Providence to join Steamer Tennessee
Jun 6 Went to Richard’s graduation
Jul 1 Patty went to Bluehill to cook for a family
1937 (no journal for 1936)
Jan 4 1937 Richard at work for Mr Leach
30 Hattie is over to stay with us She is living at Eva Bridges this month
Feb 15 I went up to the barn today to see the pig a nice one and Richard has made him a good pen
20 Will home for the week
21 Beautiful day but many people sick with colds or grippe both here and in other towns
Mar 26 Martha Will and the children went to Bangor and Orono to bring Patty home for her vacation. Richard and I kept house.
27 The children went to Ellsworth to see the dentist.

Richard started for Whitensville to work in factory.

Apr 4 Nice day. I would like to go up in the pasture and walk once more on the 30 foot ledge but I can’t get there
5 Patty just started back to Orono after her week at home. A card from Richard
Apr 16 Spring really has come Crocus flowers under the sitting room window.
24 Sat on the porch. Will went back to Camden
29 Will is at home, he is getting ready to plant. He has left the Wanderer
30 Very nice day warm and still. I went up as far as the barn
May 4 Summer day, I sat on the porch
6 Martha and the children gone to the village to attend a demonstration. They are to spell, read and do arithmetic
14 Martha and Will went to Orono to get Patty. She went back on the 16th
28 David gone to track meet in Bluehill
Jun 2 I went down to Hattie’s she is not at all well
3 I called at Mrs Gowers’
10 High school graduation today. David was the valedictorian and he did well.
14 Folks went to Orono for U of M graduation
21 Just heard that Capt Benjamin Sargent is dead at the Sailors Snug Harbor at Staten Island New York.  (He died June 20, 1937 note by Pam Simmons)
23 Captain Benjamin Sargent was buried today
24 Patty home
27 Will and Martha down to the 4 acre field
Jul 30 David not feeling well. We are afraid of mumps
Aug 2 Dr says David has mumps
22 I can’t write any more, I can’t see the lines
Sep 5 All our family, ten of us are together today. Richard and Herbert are home which is good.
Sep 6 Will Martha and David gone to carry the boys and Patty away. Boys will stop in Lewiston and Patty will go on to Norway.
Nov 24 Patty home for Thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for  all the children home and well
28 Children all went today Patty to Norway and boys to Whitinsville to their work.
Dec 25 The boys came early today having driven all night from Whitinsville.
Mar 16 Edwards 13th birthday
19 Patty came home tonight for her Easter vacation
Apr 1 Herbert started for New York to look for a job on a ship
4 Will is working for the bridge men with his boat Mrs Bennett came yesterday. Guy called on us today
5 Letter from Herbert. He is on a steamer bound for the west coast.
11 Mrs Emma Gray died this afternoon
May 27 Richard came early this morning after driving all night but it is good to have him home.
29 Hattie Martha and I visited the three cemeteries today. Richard took us in his car. Martha took the flags to the old graveyard.
31 Mr Pervear’s house caught fire I hope they can save it. Later, they could not-it’s gone
Jun 4 Martha, Ted and David gone to Bangor to get Patty and bring her home.
10 I have called at Lydia’s and walked up past the rock garden
24 I walked up to the cabin it tired me out. It is so hot no cool place in the house or out of doors either
28 Patty went to the wedding of Adelaid Gay and Donald Hawkins at Asbego
Jul 2 I have been over to the Gay house to see Adelaids presents many, elegant and more than I can count
19 Herbert came home today-glad to see him
24 David’s 18th birthday. Herbert trying to mow at Aunt Hattie’s
26 Just heard one of the bridge men hurt
31 Patty gone to work for Mrs Tracy at the Lalor cottage

The boys got their hay in from Hattie’s after 9 days work

Aug 1 Children went on the Sunbeam
7 Herbert started for New York this afternoon to join a freighter. I shall miss him.
11 Patty helping Mrs Morse with company. Yachts in harbor. Patty has friends visiting from Norway
Sep 4 Martha Patty and David started for Bridgton. They will come back to Norway tomorrow.
5 Martha and David home they left Patty in Norway to begin her school tomorrow. I shall miss the girlie and I do the boys.
14 Johns 16th birthday and all good wishes for him
22 Heavy winds all night radio reports great loss of property and some life. Rivers swollen bridges gone and trees uprooted.
23 Great loss of life in yesterday and last nights’ hurricane wall of water 8 foot high, swept houses and yachts before it.
24 Reports of the hurricane still coming in 450 lives lost bodies being picked up among ruins and on the beaches
28 Patty’s 24th birthday
29 David gone to Boston and will bring his father home Saturday.
Oct 7 They have finished gathering the garden got carrots, parsnips, turnips cabbage
9 I have been up to Mrs Bennetts for a call
11 I went for a little walk up on Mrs Gowers ledge
16 Will took us over to the Point where they are clearing for the road to the bridge
25 Strong wind. The lighter belonging to the bridge Co. went ashore and sunk
Nov 13 My birthday, Hattie and Rena over for the day I was glad to see them. Martha did everything possible for me
21 Mary and Martha walked over to the Point today. Aunt Hattie is over here
24 Thanksgiving Day with much to be thankful for. Hattie our guest for the day and Richard home until Saturday
Dec 25 John cut the tree and Edward put it up. It was a brave one and well-filled
31 The last day of the year  A small snowstorm last night and everything white this morning.  Patty went back to Norway.
Jan 4 Letter from Russel tells me that Edie my more than friend died on the 3rd
6 Just heard that Mrs Abbie Byard died this morning.
7 Just heard that Aliva Bridges was dead
Mar 3 Hattie over for the day. I was glad to see her
4 Just heard that John Allen died at Bluehill Hospital
5 John Allen was buried today
17  Martha David and John gone to Bangor for Patty to come home for her vacation
Apr 5 Mrs Nellie Sargent called
12 A letter from Herbert postmarked at Brunswick, Georgia
22 Richard came for a day or two friends came with him to go to the island
23 Richard went back today
May 1 Will started to Boston to join the steamship City of Hull
5 David working on the bridge
May 10 David gone to Portland to meet Herbert
15 David and Martha planted peas in the lower garden
16 I walked up past the barn. David worked late so no time to plant tonight
29 David started this morning in the motorboat for Boston and the fog is so thick I am afraid
31 Herbert at home. Martha met him in Bangor.  He is on ship Mann
Jun1 Herbert went back to Portland to join his boat
2 Nice day strong wind. David reached Boston safely. I am glad
8 David and Patty gone to Ellsworth tonight. Children gone to Sedgwick high graduation
9 Children all gone to the Pageant of Sedgwick.
22 Patty painted the kitchen floor
23 New store opened
Jul 5 I went over to Hattie’s for the day had a nice visit
6 Boys getting hay from up at Hattie’s
7 Nice sunshiny day. I, with Mary’s help, walked up to Mrs Bennett’s for a call
24 David’s 18th birthday
Aug  6 Martha went back with  Richard she will visit with Will in Boston and I hope rest for a few days
12 Horace Wardwell’s store burned flat last night. No one knows the cause
Aug 26 I had a good letter from Will I am glad of it He is a good man
Sep 13 Wonderful day all sunshine. I rode down to the lower field and felt alive for a while. I can’t tell how much good it did me.
21 Good day Boys chopping wood at the Deep Bridge came home last night with a cord on the truck
23 Richard and Will came this morning about 11am so glad to see them
27 David got a lot of corn stalks for the cows from the Gay farm
28 Patty’s birthday. She is in Norway on her second year in the High School there, I hope she will be well all winter
29 Letter from Herbert-says he has shipped on a coal ship to sail today
Oct 9 David started for Boston this morning. I shall miss him.
16 Martha and Will took me to Bangor to see if I can get glasses. I can only get reading glasses
Nov 14 Herbert 21st birthday
30 Thanksgiving Day Richard and David came this morning after driving thru the night from Whitinsville
Dec 17 Patty home for her two weeks’ vacation I am glad she could come
Jan 30 Rena Turner died last night, a good woman gone
Feb 1 Tomorrow is Wills 53rd birthday
24 David and Richard got home about 11 they brot a young man with them-Don
25 Children went back after dinner I am afraid the roads are very slippery. Hope they get along well
27 Got a card from David. They got back alright-went to Norway to call on Patty
Mar 13 Fine sunny day. Mary got her radio from Wards today-it is good and pleases her-dear little girlie
Apr 29 Just heard that Frank Cooper and Hazel Haskell were married last night
May 8 Hattie is over for the day, it is her 80th birthday.
30 Boys came early this am David took us to Rural Cemetery and to the Forest Home Cemetery in the afternoon. Good boy David
Jun13 Mary has just been out she is the dearest little girl. I love her. She helps me do things
21 The folks have been to the shore brot home wild flowers. Mary got some for me.
Jul 6 Richard went back this morning. Martha went with him to Boston to visit Will. I shall be glad to see her come home. I am glad she could go.
9 Martha came home today.
10 Fine day. John has painted the dining room floor
11 Pleasant day the boys got in a half ton of hay from the Gay place
19 I had a nice ride to Caterpillar and Sedgwick with Herbert. Mr West came tonight.
22 Herbert went to Boston this morning. Martha and Edward went to Bangor with him
24 David’s 20th birthday. We sent a box.  He is in Connecticut and is working there
Aug 11 Children home had a good time. Mrs Bennett’s very sick
15 Mrs Bennett died last night, my old friend is gone
16 Mrs Bennett was buried today
23 Mary is at Bluehill Hospital for a tonsil operation
24 Patty just came from Bluehill. Mary will be home tomorrow. Dear little girlie
30 Mary is at home had to stay a week in bed to gain strength
Sep 4 Mary is downstairs. I am glad for I have missed her she is a dear little girl and I love her
Oct 1940 Yesterday Martha picked in our own garden phlox, petunias, Chinese lanterns, delphinium, marigold lady delight and love in a mist
At end of book Dora writes “error, Will was on the Mayflower rather than the City of Hull.” Additional note by Pam Simmons: both of these were Nantasket Steamship Co. steamships)
The following are selected entries from the journals of Will Simmons 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927
Jan 25 Went down to Frank Hardings his chimney on fire.
Feb 2 Attended funeral of Hattie Harding this afternoon
29 Day clear cold NW wind. Took factory clam smack and went to Oceanville and Stonington found both places full of ice. Layed up at Sunshine for night. Took about 25 bushels of clams on board and came home. Heavy NW winds arrived home about 6 PM.
Mar 24 Cleaned and papered the kitchen
20 Charles Kane store burned about 2:30 am. Mrs Lizzie Billings died this am
Jan 2 Mrs Dora Sargent passed away at 11 pm age 81ys, 8 mo, 5 days
4 Mrs Sargent buried today
15 Left Sargentville at 5pm for New Jersey. Arrived Boston following morning at 6am. Left at 6pm on the Fall River Line. Arrived Sterling Forest New Jersey at 11:55 am went to work for 5 hours that evening. Left Sterling Forest went to Landing—at Landing New Jersey. Worked at the Sterling Forest plant.
Feb 2 Working on the ice-he works in the boiler room and “runs the ice”
28 Returned to Sargentville
Mar 16 Edward Roger Simmons born about 10:30 AM
Apr 6 Joined the Miles Standish today in Boston
16 Joined Str. Mary Chilton today
Jun 2 Left s/s Myles Standish today
Jan 18 Left home from New Jersey
20 Arrive Hoptocong (sp) New Jersey to work on the ise
23 Deer Isle crew came here today.
Feb 2 Finished ice today. Houses all full.
3 Left Landing at 8:45 am-Grand Central Station-Portland-Bangor-Ellsworth-home.  The hauled wood all the next day
Mar 25 George Christy passed away today
Apr 1 Guy Freethy went away today-yachting
15 Left home for Boston
16 Joined the Mary Chilton today
May 28 Chas Hooper came up to go on the Rose Standish
Sep 7 At Hull
8 Finished work on the Mary Chilton today 8 days pay.
10 Arrived home today
15 Left home for Vermont
16 Arrived Shelburne Vermont
17 Went to work this morning Packed some corn
Jan 10 Left for New Jersey
12 Arrived Hopatcong New Jersey. Father very sick. Went to hospital to see him.
13 Father died 10:30 am. Went to New York made necessary arrangements for sending body via ex. Left for Boston.
15 Arrived home
17 Father buried today
Apr 20 Joined Mary Chilton today at Hull, Mass
Jul 20 Heavy fog all day. Str Mayflower in collision with ___(I can’t read it, Pam Simmons)

Note from Pam Simmons:

  • Aunt Sed was Sarah Ann Currier born 26 Nov 1846 d 2 Nov 1925  she was unmarried and was buried in Rural Cemetery
  • Aunt Fannie was Frances Delores Currier born 12 May 1850 died 12 Aug 1937