Jasper Sargent’s Journal 1868-1871 (PEO.38A)

Photos of Jasper Sargent and transcription of his journal, 1868-1871.

The Journal of Captain Jasper Newton Sargent

Jasper Newton Sargent (1828-1918) was the tenth of the eleven children of Benjamin Choate Sargent and his wife Susanna Cole, a family line that went back to William and Abigail Clark Sargent who in 1649 were among the first settlers of Gloucester, Mass. By 1850 several of the family had made their homes in Sargentville, Maine.

As a young man Jasper went to sea and over the years was the captain on coastal schooners that hauled freight along the eastern seaboard and into the Caribbean. A few of the daily logs he kept during his travels and after he retired are in the care of Diana Marston Wood. The transcriptions that follow are of some of those journals and include Jasper’s spelling and punctuation-or lack of same.

Captain Jasper Sargent

Captain Jasper Newton Sargent (1828-1918)

In 1858 Captain Sargent moved into the house on Reach Road built in the 1840s by his brother Wm Haskell Sargent. When Jasper retired from the sea he ran the house as an inn and livery stable and when he died  his son Fred and Fred’s wife Nellie Clapp Sargent took over and carried on the business

Jasper Sargent's Home

Jasper Sargent’s Home

Jasper Newton Sargent’s Journal

  Commencing June 1st 1868 on board the Schr. W. H. Sargent of Sedgwick Maine, ending September 14, 1871.

The W.H. Sargent was built in Sedgwick in 1858 and was 172 ft. long x 98 x 27 x 8.
Owners were W.H. Sargent, Joshua Sargent, et al.1

June 1868

1 Mo

Left Salem bound to Providence

at 8 AM off Cape Cod light   wind N.W at 2PM off Nansett light took the wind S.S.W at 8 PM past light ship on Pollock Rip last part moderate

W.G Sargent married to Mrs. Gower

2 Tu At 4 A.M. came to anchor at Cross rip Boat  winds light from west-at 9AM got under-way  light breeze from the south at 12m past Holmes Hole  wind W.S.W  at 4 came to anchor at Tarpaulin Cove  calm  at 9 P.M. got underway light breeze from the East and raining  12 clear
3 We At 6 A.M. past beavertail light fresh breeze from the NNE clear at 9 Anchored below Dutch Island  Moderate head tide at 12 m got underway wind N.E at 8 P.M anchored below Prov calm
4 Th At 12 M got underway and proceeded to Providence  at 7 PM went alongside the wharf wind south
5Fr Wind South overcast with some rain done nothing discharging today waiting for another vessel Three Courier here in Schr Vernat of Bath Schr Ambasader here.
6 Sa Done nothing discharging this day no surveyor to be had  wind South cloudy
Su 7 Wind from the SE and cloudy PM N.N.E with rain  PM went to church 2 Baptist Church  Text Mathew 13-26
Mo 8 All this day pleasant wind AM N.E P.M South had no surveyor this day done nothing discharging
Tu 9 This morning commenced discharging cargo took off 31 M this day  wind from the South
W 10  A.M wind from the North better part S.W. finished discharging deck load
Th 11 A.M wind N.E raining took eight M out of the hole Took tow boat towed across the River to Simmonses wharf  P.M done nothing discharging

rained hard Wind E.N.E.

Have had more dull foggy Easterly weather this season than ever was Known before so people say that should know

Fri 12 All this day overcast and rainy most of the time worked all day discharging cargo
Sat 13 Comes in pleasant with the wind from the North   at 12 M finished discharging  at 2 PM towed into the stream light wind from the South and pleasant
Sun 14 Comes in with calm weather wind to port light breeze from the South latter port wind South thick with fogg
Mon 15 First part wind South with fogg at 3 A.M got underway and beat down river at 3 P.M came to anchor at Buck Island fresh breeze from SSW  8 sail at anchor here Pointed the boat
Tue 16 A.M. strong breeze from the S.S.W and thick with fogg at 11 A.M commenced raining and thundering  P.M. raining and thick
We 17 A.M strong breeze from the S.E. and thick Some vessels went out but some came back  PM moderate wind East
Th 18 A.M. Light breeze from the E.N.E and thick at 5 got underway and proceeded to sea  thick with fogg at 11 AM sighted Block Island bearing E.S.E 3 miles dist 11:30 __in again wind East at 2 P.M very moderate at 3 nearly calm latter part moderate
Fr 19 A.M. very moderate light air from the S.E. to N.E. foggy Lat 40 18 Long 72-20 at 4 P.M took wind from the S.W. light  Scouted up saw two vessels bound westerly at 6 PM very thick at 9 P.M Stars out overhead Wind S.W. light breeze
Sat 20 Comes in with gusts clear weather wind S.W. clear overhead at 6 P.M. thick 39-43 2-58 latter part cleared up
Su 21 A.M. calm P.M. showery with thunder & lightning at 8 P.M light breeze from the S.E. 39-43 3-47
Mo 22 Comes in with wind from the S.W. A.M. pleasant PM moderate  39-2-3-49  at 6 P.M. the wind came from the N.W. moderate breeze
Tu 23 The first part of the day moderate at 4 A.M. strong breeze from the NW clear  Absecome bearing N.N.W. 15 miles dist at 8  Cape May bearing West wind West calm PM til 4 P.M. at 6 light breeze from the S.W. at 12 midnight came to anchor at Ship John Shoal
We 24 First part wind from the N.W throughout the day from S.W. to N.E. with squals & showers  at 8 P.M. head tide took the wind NE Came to anchor at Dupont Landing
Th 25 Comes in with fresh breezes from the N.E. pleasant weather Sch Vernal past down at 12 got underway and beat to N __ tide done
Fr 26 AM took tow boat and towed to Port Richmond  at 9 AM went into dock at pier No 7  2 PM commenced loading
Sa 27  At 12 M finished loading coal bound for Providence at 5 towed to Navy Yard.
Su 28 At 7 AM got underway and proceeded down river wind N.N.W. at 8 P.M. anchored near Listons wind SE
M 29 At 7 got underway and beat down to Buoy of the Middle anchored at 7 PM got underway beat down to __ anchored.
Tu 30 Got underway beat the tide anchored at the Brown  6 PM Beat to the Cape tack wind East went into the breakwater at 11 PM
We 1 Wind East thick fogg Capt A. Watson here waiting orders in Sch Lizzie A. Watson from Cardenas

At 6 PM got underway and proceeded to sea wind south through the night moderate

Journal in July 1868
Th 2 AM moderate at 12 M Absecome bore NW 10 miles dist at 6PM thick fogg and through the night.
Fr 3 AM wind from the south foggy N 11:30 cleared up Lat 40-16 Lon 72-45 fresh breeze from the SW  pleasant  At 5 PM made Great west by Light house Latter part light breeze
Sa 4 At 4 AM past Montauk Point at 5 thick fogg  at 7 cleared up at 10 past Point Judith at 4 PM anchored at Providence  Schr J Warren here went on board in the evening
Su 5 All this day very hot  at 6 had heavy showers which came from NW
Mo 6 At 7AM steam and towed to the Boston + Providence MA Wharf.
Tu 7 Took the cars at 6:30 AM and went to Boston with Eddie Philbrook  came back at 6PM  At 2 PM commenced discharging
We 8 Schr J Warren sailed for Portland  At 6 PM finished discharging & steamer towed to stream
Ths 9 At 4 AM got underway and proceeded down river wind NE at 10 AM past Duck Island saw Schr J. Warren there at anchor  at 12 past Point Judith had heavy shower this morning  At 4 thick saw Montauk Point.
Fr 10 Comes in with wind from the NE overcast through today light Lat 39-27, Lon 73-31
Sat 11 AM light breeze from the NW at 11 AM made the light ship PM wind from the SSW light at 1 PM made Cape May
Su 12 At 1 AM past Cape Henlasen at 8 am came to anchor at Ship John Shoal at 12 got underway and drifted to Bounty Rock light  no wind
Mo 13 At 3 am got underway and drifted to Stony Point anchored at 1pm got underway got up as far as Duponts
Tu 14 Got underway and drifted to Sincome Island at 3 pm took tug towed to Port Richmond  calm and hot
We 15 Went on shore chartered a load for Salem at $2.60  At 9 towed to Pier No 2 and commenced loading.
Th 16 All this day very hot men couldn’t work a large number died in the city with sun stroke
Fr 17 __most of today no coal coming on the road there being a strike in the mines  wind SE clear  went to city got No __ had it cut an hatch Beam
Sa 18 At 10 am finished loading 2.31 tons coal  a large fleet of vessels lying in the stream  no freights to be had  At 3 pm took tow boat and towed to Chester paid $10.00 at 7 anchored off Chester wind SW clear
Su 19 At 3 am got underway and beat down as far as Duponts  head tide at 1 pm got underway and beat down as far as ___ City  Heavy shower in the evening
Mo 20 At 3 am got underway and beat to west down as far as Miak Mawl  shoal  wind SSE through the night
Tu 21 At 12 M got underway and beat down as far as the Brown Shoal

head tide wind South

We 22 At 1 AM got underway and beat down to the Capes and went out wind SSE at 4 shut in thick at 10 heavy thundering and rain not much wind  At 10 PM Absecame bore west 15 miles dist
Thur 23 Comes in with light breezes from the SW  At 5 AM wind north light At $ PM wind east
Fri 24 All this day breeze from SE
Sat 25 Wind SE  all day strong breeze PM rough sea
Sun 26 At 4 AM heavy rains 6 took the wind from the NE strong breeze PM more moderate midnight calm
Mon AM light rises from the SW PM calm at 5 PM made Block Island very smokey through the day
Tu 28 Wind very light all day from the East at 8 PM Gay Head bore East Beaver Tail NW through the night calm
Wed 29 AM light is from the NE clear At 4 PM past Gay Head wind south
Thu 30 At 3 AM past Holmes Hole at 11 AM past the Pollack Rip Light Ship fine breeze from the South at 6 PM Port Cape Cod
Fri 31 First part wind south thick with fogg at 9 AM spotted the Schr Lizzie A. Watson from Baltimore for Boston at 1 PM light breeze cleared up at 5:30 arrived in Salem at Philips wharf
Journal 1868 August
Sat 1 First part wind from SW at 7 AM commenced discharging
Su 2 Very pleasant all day fresh breeze from the SW
Mo 3 Pleasant all day wind from the SSW
Tu 4 Comes in with light winds from the North at 10 raining wind NE finished discharging  hauled into the stream heavy rains till 3 PM
We 5 All this day wind from the NE and thick rainy weather
Th 6 All this day wind from the NE to east PM fresh breeze
Fr 7 All this day wind from the NE to East with some rain and fogg
Sat 8 First part calm at 6 light breeze from the SE at 8 got underway and beat out at 1 PM past Eastern Point Cape Ann  At 2:15 past Thackers Island through the night fresh breeze with frequent showers
Su 9 At 1 AM made Monhegan bearing East close on board 2 shet in thick with fogg leg by to the NE of the island at 7 lighted up saw the Island light off run for Georges Island went in and anchored strong breeze with rain and thick weather
Mo 10 At 9 fogg cleared off from the land at 12 light breeze from the SW got underway and proceeded up the Bay at 8 anchored at Pumpkin Island calm  went home
Tu 11 Pleasant all this day  no fogg
We 12 Pleasant all this day L.B. Dority arrived home from Amesbury
Ths 13 All this day pleasant AM wind NW PM SW
Fr 14 AM calm PM wind SSW got underway and went out bound for Calais at 7 PM past Bass Harbor   light breeze from SW
Sat 15 AM light breeze from SW  8 AM off Little River at 12 past west ___ Head fresh breeze from SW came to anchor to wait for tide  At 4:30 went through the Narrows at 9 anchored at the ___
Sun 16 At 8 got underway and proceeded up River took the wind NW beat up as far as the lower wharves came to anchor
Mon 17 This morning chartered a load for New Haven at $400 per  at 2 PM towed to Galeses wharf  com
Tu 18 Commenced loading this morning 50 hemlock
We 19 At work loading   Schr J Warren came in Schr Watchman took up K2.40 on Pickets to Phila Capt Foreham loading for N York Capt Parker for ___
Th 20 At work loading wind SW
Fr 21 Light breeze NW 25 sail left Calais
Sat 22 Pleasant very moderate all day
Su 23 Comes in pleasant light __ from the South
Mon 24 Pleasant at 3 PM finished loading 146km At 4:30 took tow boat towed to the ledge calm
Tu 25 AM calm at 4 PM got underway and proceeded to beat down river J Warren in company   Anchored at the Red Beach in company with Schrs Jane A. Sawyer & J Warren came in thick with fogg
We 26 AM calm thick with fogg LB Sargent and myself went fishing  caught 8 haddock
Th 27 At 5 AM got underway wind North at 9 AM past East Quoddy Head  Through the night wind light and puffing at 8 PM off Moosabeck light
Fri 28 First part very moderate and smooth  At 6 AM Mount Desert Rock bore SW 10 miles Baker Island NWBW  PM SW At 6 Anchored at Sargentville

8 J Warren came in

Sat 29 All this day strong breeze from SW thick
Su 30 Comes in with southerly winds and thick weather  Ends the same
Mo 31 AM calm PM light breeze from the SE at 3 PM got underway and proceeded up the Reach at 6 PM anchored at Hog Island  very moderate
September 1868
Tu 1 Comes in with light breeze from SE at 5 AM got underway and proceeded down to Bay shut in thick with fogg   backed ship run back to the reach came to anchor went home at 7PM cleared up wind came from the NW at 9:30 left home went on board got underway
Wed 2 At 1 AM past Pumpkin Island at 3 past Owls Head at 1 PM past Monhegan wind light from SE Schr J. Warren in company
Thur 3 First part calm at 10 AM light breeze from 12 SE through the night fresh breeze looking stormy at 2
Fr 4 At 4 AM weather looking bad strong breeze rough sea kept off for Salem at 11 AM came to anchor in Salem Harbor   at 12 J Warren came in  better part strong breeze from SE and thick weather
Sat 5 First part moderate with heavy rains at 8 AM calm with rain at 2 quite pleasant at 5 PM wind from the west got underway and proceeded to sea latter part fine breeze from west
Sun 6 First part nice breeze from NW at 3 AM Cape Cod light bore west at 9 AM came to anchor inside the Pollock Rip  Breeze nearly calm and head tide  12 sat at anchor here  At 1 PM got underway and beat up to Cape Page took head tide and anchored   wind light from the WSW
Journal in Sept 1868  Bound to New Haven
Mon 7 At 2 AM got underway and proceeded wind SW by S fresh breeze thick and overcast looking like a storm  got nearly out of the Sound blowing very strong from the SSW and thick turn back to Holmses Hole Tarpaulin Cove being full of vessels  PM blowing heavy better part rainy  Schr J Warren in company
Tu 8 First part cloudy wind west at 3 AM wind from the North clear weather at 4 got underway and proceeded out of the Sound at 12 M past Point Judith at 1 PM took the wind from the SW moderate
Wed 9 Arrived at New Haven  First part wind from the SW at 3 AM past the Gull Light at 1 PM came to anchor at New Haven strong breeze from SSW and rainy
Th 10 Came in with calm thick weather at 4 AM got a scow longside at 7 commenced discharging cargo took out about 25_M_ this day
Fr 11 Journal 1868 laying at New Haven

Comes in with thick weather wind South Agreed with Mr Buller Spar Netter to make a mainmas for $165   Schr Gun Rock  Sea Breeze

Hudson  John Boynton ___ Hoeffler & Brig Edwin are here with lumber

Sat 12 Finished deck load today
13 Pleasant all this day
M 14 Pleasant weather wind North  took out the Main Mast this day
Tu 15 Pleasant all this day
We Put in new mast this day
Th 17 Finished discharging cargo
F  18 All hands employed setting up rigging & carpenters putting on follicle ___ mast & got the saddle on this PM  Winds from the SW and clear
Sat 19 At 5 AM stepped the main boom got underway light air from the north the mate took the Schr down to the Light Mast ___ work and riggers bill $187.69  at 1 PM went on board nearly calm at 5 PM  fresh breeze from the SW got underway and beat up Sound.
Sun 20 At 8 AM up to Eatons Neck light  strong breeze from SSW at 12 M past Sands Point at 2:30 PM came to anchor at Rickers Island  strong breeze from SW 20 sail here at anchor  3 PM rainy Latter part stormy ___
Mo 21 At 1 PM took boat and towed through the Gate to New York went on shore there at 4 PM
Tu 22  Wind SE and looking stormy AM chartered to go to Newburgh to load coal for Boston at $ 240 per ton  Went on board got underway and went up to 37 pier North River ready to take tow  at 6 started in the rain for Newburgh.
Journal Sept 1868 New York
We 23 At 9 AM arrived at Newburgh wind SE stormy
Th 24 Wind NE and thick rainy weather later part
Fr 25 Now commenced loading get wind North
Sat 26 Wind NW hauled to the dock took in about 100 tons coal Capt Haskell sailed this PM
Sun 27 Wind NE and rainy __
Mo 28 At 12 M finish loading hauled into the stream wind SW N 6 PM took the tow down river through the night calm
Tu 29 Wind WNW at 12 took a Pilot and proceeded through the Gate at 4:30 PM Thrags point moderate with pleasant weather
We 30 At 6 off Stratford at 10 wind from SW pleasant weather fine breeze  PM strong breeze from SW at 2 past the Gull At 7:30 past the light boat of Sow & Pigs making 5 ½ hour across
Journal 1868 Oct from New York to Boston
Th 1 AM strong breeze from the SW at 1 AM past cross rip Light Boat at 3 past Pollack Rip Boat moderate at 6 4 miles past Charleston took the wind NE strong breeze  ___ of run back to Holmses Hole 20 sail in company old run back at 2 came to anchor in Holmses Hole strong breeze from ENE better part the same
Fr 2 All this day strong breeze from the NE
Sat 3 All this day strong breeze from the NE
Su 4 First part wind NE clear weather
Mon 5 All this day wind from NE
Tu 6 At 2 AM got underway and proceeded down over the Shoals  At 6 wind NW At 12 midnight calm
W 7 At 4 AM wind from the NSE light at 12 M past Boston light at 1 came to anchor in Boston wind SW strong breeze
Th 8 At 12 took tow boat and towed to South End hauled through one bridge to Drakes Wharf  Strong breeze SW
Fr 9 Commenced discharging this day wind easterly
Sat 10 Finished discharging this day wind E
Sun 11 At 8 Hauled through the bridge calm At 10 AM got underway and proceeded down the Harbor  At 2 PM past Cape Ann  At 12 midnight made Monhegan  fresh breeze from SW
M 12 At 4 AM past White Head at 12 anchored at Fort Point Ledge  At 2 PM took tow for Bangor wind NW fresh—15 vessels towing up spoke J Wessen and Elizabeth Dodge
Tu 13 All this day strong breeze from WNW  Hauled into the town
We 14 At 8 commenced loading for New York  At 11 AM took leave and started for Sedgwick At 6 PM arrived home found all the folks well.
Th 15 All this day wind easterly with rain  shipped Charles and Otis Cooper
Fr 16 At 8 AM started for Bangor Lewie in Company going to Bucksport __ one of the Boys  At 3 PM arrived at Bangor
Sat 17 At 4 PM finished loading 140 M Had tough snow storm this day
Su 18 At 11 AM took tow down river wind SW strong 8 vessels in tow at 5 PM Came to anchor below oakans ledge fresh breeze from the SW
Oct 1868 Journal from Bangor to New York 1868
Mo 19 At 3 AM got underway and beat down the Bay  Strong breeze at 12 N came to anchor at Belfast at 6 PM calm with thick weather and rain at 12 midnight cleared up with light airs from the NW
Tu 20 At 4 AM got underway wind very light from NW  At 12 past Owls Head At 4 Pm past Monhegan fine breeze from the NWW and pleasant weather  through the night wind North to NE
We 21 All this day wind East and looking like a storm  At 11 AM made Cape Cod  At 3 PM past Pollack Rip closing hard from the east and storming at 10 anchored in Egertown Harbor blowing hard with rain
Th 22 First part blowing heavy from the ENE thick and raining both anchors down Latter part more moderate but rainy
Fri 23 At 8 got underway and beat out of the harbor fresh breeze from the NNE at 4 PM past Sow and Pigs Light Boat light breeze from NNE  Clear pleasant weather at 10 past Point Judith fine breeze from North Later part the same
Sat 24 At 4 AM past Little Gull Light very moderate at 6 took head tide off Plum Island till 2 PM nearly calm at 2:30 wind from west pleasant weather  Latter part fresh breeze from west
Su 25 All this day wind from SW and overcast At 6 PM rain through the night ran 12 up to Huntington Bay
Mo 26 First part light breeze from the SW and thick rainy weather At 10 AM took the wind from the North  At 1 PM Anchored at Rickers Island  At 2 PM boat came alongside At 6 towed through the Gate
Tu 27 All this day wind from the SW  Cargo not sold
Wed 28 All this day wind from the westward Cargo not sold took boat at 5 PM towed to 39th St NB not water enough  to get to Pier
Th 29 All this day laying on the flats_couldn’t get a berth  pleasant weather
Fr 30 All this day pleasant not to the wharf to discharge any today  At 8 PM last boat came and put us to the wharf
Sat 31 Commenced discharging this morning Wind SE looking stormy latter part storm
Nov Su 1 All this day raining wind from the south
Mo 2 Wind NW finished taking off deck load
Journal Nov 1868 Laying in New York
Tu Nov 3 At 9 took tow boat and went to 35 St East River to finish discharging  Schr Annie Currier discharging have to wait Wind NW pleasant
We 4 Pleasant all this day wind from NW
Th 5 Commenced discharging rain N 8 AM PM clear  Pleasant weather most of the day wind SW Schr Watchman Service chartered to load at Elizabethport for Newburyport at 300 per ton
Fri 6 Commenced discharging Hole__ finished at 4 PM  ___ on board wind NW
Sat 7 At 7 took tow boat to Jersey folks went on shore  Chartered load out of Hoboken for Boston at 240 per ton  went on board towed to dock commenced loading took in 100 tons wind SW cloudy.
Su 8 Wind southerly some rain
Mo 9 Finished loading at 10 AM took tow through the Gate at 5 past Sand Point wind SSW 12 midnight__ off Eatons Neck
Journal from New York for Boston 1868
Tu 10 First part light breeze from south at 6 took the wind from East strong breeze Kept off for Huntington at 10 came to anchor the Bay ___and thick weather  Bark Lizzie H. Jackson of Portland here at anchor and one schr name not known through the night  strong breeze with rain
W 11 First part strong breeze with rain at 8 light breeze from NW rainy at 9 got underway and proceeded down the Sound wind NW rainy at 4 PM past Faulkner Island clear weather wind NW at 11 PM past Gull light
Th 12 Wind WNW fresh breeze  At 8 AM past Holmses Hole at 2 PM past Pollock Rip—strong breeze through the night from NNW large fleet anchored under Chatham Is
Fr 13 AM moderate at 10 AM wind west pleasant at 12 wind SW fresh breeze at 3:30 past old cape at 11 came to anchor above the narrows Head tide wind west
Journal Laying in Boston Nov 1868
Sat 14 AM wind WSW at 6 got underway and proceeded to the city  at 8 came to an anchor on the Flats calm  At 11 took tow boat and towed to Charleston Bridge at 7PM commenced hauling through  hauled to Boston to Maine Rail Road calm clear
Su 15 First part light breeze from the north overcast later part the same
Mo 16 All this day moderate and overcast
Tu 17 All this day tough storm
We 18 First part storm PM cloudy some rain and moderate WH & WS came on board
Th 19 At 7 commenced discharging wind N
Fri 20 Pleasant most of the day and moderate at 4 finished discharging & commenced hauling through the bridges
Sat 21 All this day wind from the NNE took in freight for Sedgwick
Su 22 All this day wind from North  LB Sargent AS Hooper James Patten on board in the evening
Mo 23 At 7 AM got underway went down on the Flats came to anchor wind from North to NNW pleasant

At 11 got underway and proceeded out the Harbor at 6 PM past Thackers Island at 12 past Boon Island Pleasant wind NW

Tu 24 At  4 AM past Cape Elizabeth at 1 PM past White Head at 4 PM came to anchor at Sargentville  Schr Watchman here at anchor
December 1868
Su 20 Have omitted keeping journal to this date AM wind east at 8 AM commenced snowing  2 PM wind SE snowing have had no snow before or since this month came in
Mon 21 All this day overcast with __ ___ PM some fogg and warm
Journal in December at Sargentville 1868
Tu 22 All this day very moderate went on board Sch W.H.S. and unbent soft topssails and two outer jibs  PM went to the village carried Groves Portter to Mr Bents had a new suit of clothes—Abbie M. Eaton at work here dressmaking—in the evening snowing  Mr Wolton came off today
We 23 Through the day snowing wind east to SE through the night snow and rain
Th 24 All this day pleasant with nice sleighing went to the village Mary and Nancy here Benjamin came up at 4 PM
Fr 25 Pleasant weather wind NW    W.S.S.  W.H.S. & B.S. and myself and our wifes went to Mr. Philbrookses and took dinner today  Evening overcast
Sat 26 All this day clear wind NW and cool  Good sleighing
Su 27 All this day pleasant my wife and myself went to church in the evening Mr. Bartlett preached at the schoolhouse
Mo 28 AM stormy  PM cleared off wind NW
Tu 29 AM overcast and calm PM snow went on board Sch WHS J Warren & Elizabeth in the night rain
We 30 All this day pleasant wind NW
Th 31 AM pleasant all this day in the evening Library Society met at WGS had a pleasant meeting
January 1869
Fri Jan 1 All this day overcast and cold  wind NNE PM went to Brooklin took tea at Albions came back to the village stopped to the levee at  ___ Hall
Sat 2 All this day overcast and cold wind NE through the night some snow fell
Su 3 AM moderate did not go to church Lewie & Bernie went moderate and not very cold
Sunday Jany 10 1868 This day pleasant went to church in the wagon quite muddy
Monday Jary 11 Moderate AM PM stormy wind East with rain and snow
Tuesday 12 Janry First part stormy snow and rain at 12 cleared up wind from the NW at 5 PM myself and wife went down to Brooklin and back in sleigh very nice sleighing ground just covered with ice and snow
Wenesday 13 January Pleasant all this day myself and wife went over to Father Byards visiting  wind from the westward moderate
Thurs jan 14 All this day very pleasant hauled my firewood up Judson Gray worked
Friday Jan 15 All this day very pleasant myself and wife Henry and wife Lucius and wife and ___ and Lacey went to Castine very nice sleighing
Sat Jan 16 Wind from the NW clear and cold
Sun Jan 17 Clear and cold went to church preaching by Mr Hanscome of Brooklin
Mon 18 Very pleasant all this day took sleigh ride PM
Tues 19 All this day pleasant wind from NW
Wed 20 Most part pleasant very little snow till PM Latter part pleasant
Thu 21 All this day pleasant with good sleighing wind NW
Fri 22 Clear and cold all this day and fresh breeze from the NW PM went on a sleigh ride twenty one teams went fine sleighing
Sat 23 All this day pleasant wind from the NW and cold went to Brooklin
Sun 24 Very moderate all this day myself and wife went to church today text Levit 15 chap 6 & 7 verses
Mon 25 AM stormy very little snow fell at 10 AM cleared up PM quite pleasant and cold
Tuesday 26 AM moderate and cold the reach nearly frozen over PM strong breeze from the NW and cold
Wed 27  All this day clear and cold PM HW Sargent LB Dority Herbert Dority GJ Trafton where here today visiting Mrs Bridges was buried this PM age 87 years
Thur 28 Pleasant all this day not very cold took dinner at Robert ___ this day  Snow went off some this PM
Friday 29 All this day pleasant and quite warm  went to the village in the evening to installations of Oficers of the Masonic Order
Sat 30 The most of this day stormy rain and snow wind from the East to North
Sunday 31 All this day cloudy wind NE and snowing very moderate all day myself and wife went to church text Ephesians 2-12 herd that Mrs Mark Dodge died last night
Monday Feb 1 All this day cold and clear fresh breeze from the NW
Tuesday Feb 2 Pleasant and cold 7 above zero  went on board MHS Sargent  the reach quite solid
Wednesday Feb 3 First part overcast and moderate  10 AM Williss Sargent died at 11  Snowing wind east quite number crossed on the ice from the Deer Isles PM thick with snow
Feb 4 All this day rough and cold  Broke the roads out wind NW PM clear
Friday Feb 5 All this day wind east PM snowed hard  Willis Sargent was buried this PM
Saturday Feb 6 Very pleasant and moderate wind NW
Sunday Feb 7 Pleasant all this day Boys went to church Mr Bartlett lectured at the schoolhouse in the evening myself and wife attended had a dull house
Monday Feb 8 Pleasant all this day People crossed on the ice from the island went to the river
Tue Feb 9 Very pleasant all this day Wyer and wife and Mary Milliken here visiting
Wed Feb 10 Pleasant this day wind from the SW Daniel Eaton and wife here today also A.P. Sargent and Isaac Cole to dinner this evening Thawed considerably today  speaking school
Thursday Feb 11 All this day wind from the NE and overcast went to the village today  Ella Byard here to tea  Llewellyn __with a cold
Friday Feb 12 Wind from the southward and warm  Snow mostly off the reach road went to a show at lower schoolhouse in the evening
Saturday Feb 13 Pleasant most of this day and quite warm PM went to the village
Sunday Feb 14 The first part pleasant wind southerly latter part east and overcast looking stormy
Monday Feb 15 All this day wind East and blowing a gale with rain and snow  Abbie sick with a cold  ice broke up in the reach some today
Tuesday Feb 16 All this day pleasant weather wind from the NW fresh  Abbie quite sick not able to be about  Evening some better  wind moderate
Wednesday Feb 17 very pleasant all this day Elizabeth Byard here today
Thursday Feb 18 AM snowstorm Evening cleared up wind from the NW
Friday Feb 19 AM very pleasant PM went to Brooklin took tea to Josiah Nutters Evening wind SW and snowing
Saturday Feb 20 AM pleasant PM snowing evening clear up
Sunday Feb 21 All this day overcast  wind  ___ myself and wife went to church
Monday Feb 22 AM snow and rain wind SE to SW light  PM overcast nearly calm and very warm for the season
Tuesday Feb 23 All this day rain and snow falling at 9 PM cleared up wind came from the NW fresh breeze and quite cold
Wednesday Feb 24 Comes in pleasant and wind from the west  at 7 AM myself and wife started fro Ellsworth went to Brooklin and took J.O. Sargent with us to Ellsworth  rather hard sleighing across at 5:30 PM left for home got home at 9 PM very pleasant and nice sleighing.
Thursday Feb 25 Pleasant all this day not very cold Lucius Dority went to Ellsworth today
Friday Feb 26 AM overcast wind from the SE looks like a storm PM snowing hard through the night blowing very heavy with snow and rain
Saturday Feb 27 AM wind WNW blowing strong went on the roads to break snow drifted very badly PM snow  __ from the WSW blowing strong ice all clear down as far as Saml Jourdans Shore there being a narrow strip across below to the Island  in the cove broken in nearly to the Schr WH Sargent- all clear from W.G.S.s wharf
Sunday Feb 28 All this day pleasant with the wind from the NW clear did not go to church to day  In the evening went to meeting at the schoolhouse  Mr Bartlett preached text Acts 9 ___
Monday March 1 1869 All this day pleasant and wind from the NW  In forenoon washed  in afternoon made soap  Thermometer in the morning 2 degrees below zero
Monday March 2 All this day pleasant weather and moderate but cold
Tuesday March 2 Pleasant all this day went to village this PM
Wednesday March 3 Very pleasant all this day  myself and wife and Bolles & wife went to Wines Millikens today
Thursday March 4 First part overcast PM Robert Dority and wife here visiting At 5PM commenced snowing in the Evening the Hall Society had a Levie in the village  recpts for the evening $117.50
Friday March 5 All this day clear and cold RH Sargent and wife here this PM also Groves Parker
Saturday March 6 Wind from the SE through the day and evening Snow squalls  At 1 PM Steamer Lewiston came down the reach as far as the ice but could not get through their being a narrow strip just above the River  Sent three passengers ashore at WH Sargents wharf myself took one to Bluehill village-quite a quantity of snow on the ground
Sunday March 7 All this day strong breeze from the NW and snow blowing did not go to church this day


1 Wasson, George S., Sailing Days on the Penobscot, Marine Research Society, Salem, Mass., 1932, page 405